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Less-invasive heart valve replacement tied to better quality of life

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement is an important minimally invasive treatment option for replacing the aortic valve that is narrowed.

24 Feb 2018 12:34 PM

Hyderabad receives two beating hearts after surgery complications

Seven-hour long operation saw the 56-year-old becoming one of only 150 people worldwide to have undergone such an operation.

19 Feb 2018 10:43 AM

Experts discover genetic cause of rare high blood pressure syndrome

Such a condition, if prolonged, damages blood vessels, which can result in damage to the heart, the kidneys, and the brain.

06 Feb 2018 5:41 PM

High levels of cellphone radiation linked to tumours in male rats

The concern with this type of radiation is that it produces energy in the form of heat.

04 Feb 2018 4:33 PM

Doctors warn of heart risk from some breast cancer therapies

Not all treatments carry these risks, and there may be ways to minimize or avoid some.

02 Feb 2018 6:12 PM


When palpitations lead to cardiac arrest

The functioning of our heart depends on the electric activities which creates the necessary impulses causing the heart to beat, pump blood.

22 Jan 2018 12:15 PM

Construction worker in Mumbai survives being impaled on two 5ft steel rods

Man from West Bengal who was in city for job survived accident despite one of the rods going straight through his liver.

20 Jan 2018 2:14 PM

Fitted with a battery-operated heart, 22-year-old has to charge it every night to survive

Jim has to charge it by plugging himself in through a hole in his torso and taking a shower also gets tricky for him.

11 Jan 2018 2:31 PM

Married heart patients more likely than singles to survive

In the widowed group, it may have to do with psychological and behavioral events that accompany life’s course.

05 Jan 2018 1:00 PM

More hospitalizations for heart failure patients in winter

Drastic change in temperature and atmospheric pressure is closely related to rate of hospitalization, death in elderly patients.

03 Jan 2018 10:43 AM


Here’s the early sign of heart attack you should know about

Typical heart attack symptoms include chest pain, shoulder and arm pain, and neck and jaw discomfort.

15 Dec 2017 8:02 AM

Baby’s heart placed back inside her chest in rare surgeries

Dr. Nick Moore said the baby is in the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit.

14 Dec 2017 5:53 PM

Seven symptoms you should not ignore about diabetes

Left untreated, type 2 diabetes could cause problems with the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys.

03 Dec 2017 6:55 PM

Eat this for a healthy heart

Researchers found people who are cheese were 14% less likely to develop coronary heart disease.

03 Dec 2017 11:16 AM

Eating nuts can keep heart disease at bay

Who knew "pass the peanut" would actually be good for your heart.

02 Dec 2017 12:02 PM


Artificial muscle patch can mend broken hearts

Unlike some human organs, the heart cannot regenerate itself after a heart attack.

29 Nov 2017 1:57 PM

HIV-positive adults under-treated for heart problems

People with both HIV and cardiovascular problems receive inferior cardiovascular care when compared to the patients without HIV.

26 Nov 2017 9:00 PM

Pickled in ‘cognac’, Chopin’s heart gives up its secrets

Whether Chopin suffered from cystic fibrosis “is still debatable”.

26 Nov 2017 6:00 PM

This vitamin might lead to better live rates in pregnant women!

A new study has discovered a strong link between Vitamin D and live birth rates in women undergoing assisted reproduction treatment (ART).

15 Nov 2017 3:14 PM

Study shows that mechanical heart valves are safer than biological ones

For patients undergoing mitral valve replacement, a mechanical valve is actually beneficial until the age of 70.

11 Nov 2017 7:47 AM