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Durable prices soften as firms go light on inventory

Intense winters have also played a role in delaying purchase of refrigerators.

29 Jan 2020 1:49 AM

Infosys forms JV with Hitachi, Panasonic, Pasona in Japan

Infosys will bring its expertise in procurement processes, consulting, analytics and digital technologies such as artificial intelligence.

14 Dec 2018 11:43 AM

Survey reveals 39% of Indian enterprises unaware of object storage

It is evident that enterprises in the region are facing huge issues concerning data storage costs and functionality.

11 Dec 2018 12:54 PM

Hitachi uses IoT technology for SMART Forests

Hitachi India has undertaken this project as a CSR activity and is deploying IoT technology towards e-protection of forests.

12 Oct 2017 2:34 PM

Hitachi Industry & Control Launches ADSTEFAN 2017 Casting Simulation System in India

ADSTEFAN is a casting simulation tool to predict casting defects before they occur on the front lines of casting production.

21 Feb 2017 3:02 PM


Hitachi's camera tech captures video images without using lens

Capture video images without using lenses with Hitachi’s latest camera tech

17 Nov 2016 11:58 AM