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Amarinder Singh condemns beheading of 2 Punjabis in Saudi, would seek report from MEA

Singh also called upon the UN and other global human rights organisations 'to take serious cognizance of the incident'

18 Apr 2019 11:27 AM

Towards responsible businesses, committed governance

This positive move demonstrates India’s commitment to human rights and the promotion of socially responsible businesses.

13 Mar 2019 2:49 AM

‘No big issue, won't apologise’: HDK on ‘shoot mercilessly’ comment

A video of Kumaraswamy's telephonic instruction to 'shoot mercilessly' those who had killed a JD(S) worker went viral.

26 Dec 2018 3:44 PM

Facebook says human rights report shows it should do more in Myanmar

Facebook said it has begun correcting shortcomings.

06 Nov 2018 9:49 AM

'Terrorism most serious violation of human rights': India at UN

'International community must take resolute action against terrorism to stop abuse of human rights of innocent people,' she said.

03 Nov 2018 12:15 PM


Poor upkeep hits CAT ambulances

The company operating CATS ambulances said that the bad state of affairs was due to non-payment and fund crunch.

20 Sep 2018 4:31 AM

Transgender in Pakistan set on fire by 4 men for resisting sexual assault

The transgender suffered 80 per cent burn injuries and died while he was being taken to a hospital in Lahore.

10 Sep 2018 3:15 PM

Facebook 'terrorism' definition 'overly broad': UN expert

Facebook's definition equates all non-state groups that use violence in pursuit of any goals or ends to terrorist entities.

03 Sep 2018 2:44 PM

Urban Naxals? Intellectuals seek action on Maharashtra police

Lawyer Prashant Bhushan contended that what was happening was more dangerous than the Emergency.

31 Aug 2018 5:35 AM

Government: Pakistan must take care of its minorities

It also urged Pakistan to take care of its minorities in accordance with the international obligations.

11 Aug 2018 5:25 AM


Striving for autonomy and independence of the elderly: A human rights viewpoint

In turn, independence is the ability to perform actions of daily living and participate in society in accordance with one’s will.

31 Jul 2018 12:36 AM

‘Love and dialogue are key to addressing pressing issues’

The Bharat Soka Gakkai organised a ‘peace symposium’ to deliberate on issues, and propagate the message of tolerance.

15 Jul 2018 6:50 AM

United Nations urges govt to finish Manipur killings probe

Experts added that the Indian government “has an obligation to ensure thorough investigations into all allegations of unlawful killings”.

05 Jul 2018 5:02 AM

UN’s report on J&K ‘motivated’, says Bipin Rawat

Bipin Rawat said there was no need to be overly concerned as the rights record of the Indian Army is well-known.

28 Jun 2018 2:38 AM

Christians want marriages recognised in Morocco

By law, only foreign Christians are allowed to collectively worship in churches.

10 Jun 2018 8:37 AM


‘Mention which sessions judge will hear rights cases’

It was suggested that prosecutors with knowledge of Human Rights Act be appointed as public prosecutors in human rights courts.

18 May 2018 1:32 AM

Human rights advocates under attack across Asia, civil society must resist

The security of the individuals on this list is at stake, and some have fled the Philippines.

18 May 2018 1:20 AM

Playing politics over security?

The AFSPA now needs to be removed or at least relaxed in Kashmir.

26 Apr 2018 2:30 AM

Pregnant Pak singer shot dead for refusing to stand up during performance

The accused has been arrested, and an investigation has been launched in this regard.

12 Apr 2018 10:21 AM

Centre approves amendments for better Protection of Human Rights Bill

It suggests incorporating a mechanism to look after the cases of human rights violation in the Union Territories as well.

05 Apr 2018 11:17 AM