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Here's the secret ingredient to get that first date

You may get right swiped, but your humour will land you your first date.

26 Apr 2018 3:20 PM

Dark side of comedy

Fans expect humour to flow unfettered from Comedians. Even in their lowest of lows, such high expectations can take a toll on their lives.

17 Apr 2018 12:04 AM

Here are ways to boost sexual confidence in bedroom

Pressures of modern world, divorces and break-ups can take their toll and leave both sexes emotionally puzzled and sexually anxious.

06 Mar 2018 12:54 PM

Laughing at yourself may be good for mental well-being

Greater tendency to employ self-defeating humour is indicative of high scores in psychological well-being dimensions such as happiness.

11 Feb 2018 5:22 PM

Book review Castles in the Air: A witty but stark look at the world of architecture

Author Sangeet Sharma in a humorous manner looks at the issues that plague architecture as a subject of study and profession.

19 Jan 2018 7:32 PM


Men with a good sense of humour can enhance orgasms for women

The study also found that creativity, emotional warmth and a pleasant body odour are traits that can affect orgasms in women.

26 Sep 2017 4:45 PM

Laugh out loud

This is then the best time to shed some light on what makes Australians such a fun lot.

17 May 2017 12:10 AM

Mumbai, the humourist’s muse

Rahul points out that Mumbai came to develop a humour partly because of the city being a melting pot of cultures.

21 Jan 2017 1:32 AM

All about comic timing

Cartoonist Stephan Pastis talks about the making of Pearls Before Swine, being effortlessly funny.

09 Jan 2017 12:04 AM