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Smartphone use may increase risk of ADHD in teens

ADHD is a brain disorder with symptoms that include a pattern of inattention, hyperactive behaviour and impulsiveness.

19 Jul 2018 8:37 AM

Smartphone use during family time may affect your kids' behaviour: Study

Parents who have children with more externalising problems become more stressed, which may lead to their greater withdrawal with technology.

14 Jun 2018 5:12 PM

Do environmental factors have an effect on rheumatoid arthritis?

Michigan Medicine researchers probed the relationship between these two factors: the HLA gene and environmental pollutants.

19 Apr 2018 3:37 PM

Scientists develop tests to indicate autism in children

Children with autism could be given appropriate treatment much earlier in their lives.

19 Feb 2018 1:00 PM

Pregnant women should avoid using cellphones: study

The children of mothers who never used cell phones while pregnant had a lower risk of behavioral and emotional problems.

19 Apr 2017 10:11 AM