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When heart disease runs in the family, exercise tied to lower risk

Exercise appeared linked to a lower risk of heart problems even after researchers accounted for factors like age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

15 Apr 2018 8:08 PM

How to stay fit after 40

Here are a few common health problems you should watch out for if you are in your 40s.

01 Apr 2018 9:30 AM

Eating grilled or well-done meat, fish tied to high blood pressure risk, says study

Higher frequency of open-flame, high-temperature cooking and preference for meat well-done were associated with increased hypertension risk.

28 Mar 2018 8:02 AM

Severe combat wounds, PTSD tied to high blood pressure

The increased hypertension risk was additive and dependent on the severity of veteran’s injuries.

23 Mar 2018 3:29 PM

Hypertension drugs not needed after gastric bypass, says Dr Sandeep Aggarwal

Banking on the findings of the initial survey, the Aiims planning to go for a detailed study of the procedure.

22 Mar 2018 6:53 AM


With 15 per cent of his heart ticking, man undergoes surgery

Pal had weakness in his right lower limb and had developed contractures in the right ankle, limiting physical movement completely.

22 Mar 2018 6:42 AM

Eating yogurt may reduce heart disease risk: study

Higher yogurt intake in women was associated with a 16 per cent lower risk of undergoing revascularisation.

15 Feb 2018 1:35 PM

New tool may identify drugs for asthma, hypertension

The device is called fluorescently labeled elastomeric contractible surfaces(FLECS).

10 Feb 2018 5:33 PM

Genetic cause of rare high blood pressure syndrome discovered

This inherited disease causes the adrenal gland to produce high level of aldosterone, excess of which shoots up blood pressure.

07 Feb 2018 8:26 AM

Breastfeeding reduces women’s risk of developing high blood pressure

Study of more than 3,000 women found those who nursed infants were up to 51 per cent less likely to become hypertensive as they got older.

31 Jan 2018 1:11 PM


Heal cardiovascular damage with Vitamin D3

New study finds the molecular mechanism of vitamin D3-triggered restoration of the function of damaged endothelium in the cardiovasculature.

31 Jan 2018 11:47 AM

Breastfeeding cuts mother's hypertension risk

Oxytocin release stimulated by breastfeeding may be associated with the decreased risk of these diseases.

30 Jan 2018 3:33 PM

Four natural ways to lower blood pressure

Most people with high blood pressure will not experience any symptoms. It is often known as the "silent killer" for this reason.

29 Jan 2018 4:49 PM

This drug ups risk of heart failure in cancer patients

The proteasome inhibitor carfilzomib has taken on an increasing role in the treatment of multiple myeloma.

30 Dec 2017 6:45 PM

Mind your Vitamin D deficiency to overcome bone and joint pain in winters

The idea behind exercise is to keep the movement in the joints.

20 Dec 2017 6:21 PM


Understanding congestive heart failure

Heart failures that cause this congestion are known as congestive heart failure.

20 Dec 2017 9:46 AM

Childhood cancer survivors have more blood pressure problems

Cardiovascular disease is the second most common cause of death and serious illness for these cancer survivors.

08 Dec 2017 9:54 AM

Common BP drug may up skin cancer risk: study

More specifically, this refers to drugs containing hydrochlorothiazide and squamous cell carcinoma.

05 Dec 2017 4:44 PM

Half of Kashmir's 7 million population may be suffering from hypertension

Kashmir Doctors’ Association (KDA) said that as per these new guidelines there are 3.5 million people in Kashmir who will have high blood pressure.

27 Nov 2017 12:33 AM

Childhood cancer survivors twice as likely to suffer high BP

Study found that the prevalence of hypertension was 2.6 times higher among childhood cancer survivors than expected.

22 Nov 2017 3:40 PM