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Going beyond academics, Entrepreneur Shivam Joshi proved his mettle

He represented Maharashtra State in Faridabad Global Innovation (FGSI 2020) and stood 3rd

31 Jul 2021 1:01 AM

Calls to abandon facial recognition use as wrongly identified Black man seeks Detroit police apology

The Detroit police has been challenged over face recognition flaws, bias, especially as it is prone to errors identifying people of colour.

24 Jun 2020 6:44 PM

What's the deal with facial recognition software and how it's weaponised

Although firms like IBM have said it will no longer supply face scan software to police, several other players making the technology would.

18 Jun 2020 10:37 PM

Microsoft, Amazon, IBM decision to stop face scan tech for police use may not have impact

Companies that dominate the market in the US are less well known, including the Tokyo-based NEC and European companies Idemia and Gemalto.

12 Jun 2020 4:26 PM

IBM opposes use of facial recognition for racial profiling, tips hat to #BlackLivesMatter movement

CEO Arvind Krishna says IBM no longer offers general purpose facial recognition software, won't condone use of any tech against human rights

09 Jun 2020 7:13 PM


IBM's new CEO Arvind Krishna, on a path to sharpen focus of company, cuts US jobs likely in thousands

The company will eliminate software and services that don’t align with its top two focus areas: cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

23 May 2020 7:35 PM

Airtel partners with IBM, Red Hat to build open cloud network for 5G and other emerging technology

Airtel will build its next generation core network, analytical tools and new consumer and enterprise services on this cloud platform.

11 May 2020 8:58 PM

With Huawei ostracised in US, alliance of 30 firms including Google, Samsung call for open 5G systems

The group, including telecom operators Vodafone, AT&T and Verizon, says it wants to avoid depending on any single technology supplier.

06 May 2020 10:07 PM

IBM, Amazon, Google in US consortium using 16 supercomputers for coronavirus research

Researchers working on projects chosen by the consortium will be given remote access to the supercomputers for drug and vaccine research

23 Mar 2020 1:10 PM

Want to aid coronavirus research? Tag on to this crowdsourced virtual supercomputer

Anyone with a recent computer can contribute by installing an app called Folding@Home which downloads a small amount of data for analysis

22 Mar 2020 1:13 PM


Microsoft, IBM may have to tweak AI to drop gender labels, following Google's example

Research showed that the AI tools used by Microsoft and IBM were more likely to misidentify the gender of dark-skinned women

01 Mar 2020 9:28 PM

IBM names Indian-origin Arvind Krishna as CEO

Krishna has replaced longtime CEO Virginia Rometty.

31 Jan 2020 7:29 AM

IBM's new battery design taps seawater as alternative mineral source

The expansion of the electric vehicle market is expected to cause shortages of the mineral mainly found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

19 Dec 2019 1:06 PM

IBM to launch faster weather forecast system to cover the globe

IBM’s system will forecast down to 3 sq km and update hourly; compared to the current 10-15 sq km updated every six to 12 hours.

15 Nov 2019 9:24 AM

IBM Advances 'Watson Anywhere' for Indian clients to scale AI on cloud

The American multinational information technology company also unveiled updates to key Watson tools.

23 Oct 2019 8:25 AM


Cybersecurity leaders launch initiative to thwart attacks

IBM and McAfee announced that they have been joined by 14 others in an industry alliance being created to bring interoperability.

10 Oct 2019 6:01 PM

IBM to soon build 53-qubit quantum computer

IBM has announced that it will build a 53-qubit quantum computer, the largest universal quantum computer available for external use yet.

19 Sep 2019 9:11 AM

IBM proposes change to 1996 law shielding internet firms

IBM called for a fresh look at Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA 230).

11 Jul 2019 2:52 PM

IBM seals USD 34 billion deal to buy Red Hat to boost cloud business

Red Hat specializes in Linux operating systems, the most popular type of open-source software.

10 Jul 2019 12:38 PM

This is by far the most outlandish smartwatch design ever and it’s not from Apple

IBM has issued a patent for a smartwatch that when pulled out enough becomes the size of a tablet.

09 Jul 2019 8:53 AM