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India International Centre

This homeland of mine

An exhibition of artworks in mixed media on paper exploring the idea of a home through the eyes of a woman.

07 Jan 2020 12:28 AM

Connecting the dots

By exploring various techniques, be it paper pulp on canvas or oil on canvas, this exhibition comments on the idea of ‘connections’.

29 Nov 2019 1:21 AM

Daughters of partition

The women happen to be the last generation of individuals who had witnessed the splitting up of Punjab.

10 Nov 2019 12:28 AM

Awadhi anecdotes

An exhibition that captured Lucknow through the eyes of the beholder — a common man, not a nawab.

18 Oct 2019 1:02 AM

Pandit Jwala Prasad: His compositions will always enthral us

One of his compositions “Yashodhara” composed by him for me way back in 1978-79 is evergreen and never fails to move the viewers.

07 Oct 2019 2:06 AM


The Banarasi srtokes

The city of gold is what they call Banaras, and for good reason.

29 Aug 2019 12:02 AM

Seeing colours in black and white

At this photo exhibition in Delhi, we glimpse the world of children with disabilities.

04 Aug 2019 12:14 AM

Lens on Iran

A photo exhibition that takes you deep into Iranian heritage and gives you a taste of life in the country.

28 Jul 2019 1:59 AM

Charcoal state of mind

Here’s an exhibition that explores diverse human expressions through charcoal drawings.

17 Jul 2019 12:23 AM

A Slice of the polish pie

An exhibition showcases posters that are a mere depiction of Polish history and culture in the 19th and the 20th Centur

23 Jun 2019 1:41 AM


Manodharma: Evocative abhinaya of the inner dancer… a world beyond teaching

Abhinaya comprising gestures and facial expressions was never intended to be a structured part of the dance.

04 Jun 2019 12:51 AM

Artistes pay tribute to Pulwama martyrs who ‘gave their today for our tomorrow’

The dancers had been asked to present 3-4 minutes of abhinaya without costume and bring recorded music.

08 Apr 2019 1:08 AM

Experience the spirit of Van Gogh at IIC

The second part shows the works he produced after he had moved to Paris (1886-88) wherein he did many of his iconic self-portraits.

15 Feb 2018 2:14 AM

A million Sitas in the forest

It was such a joy to see Anita Ratnam’s charmingly choreographed story-theatre performance, which was pulled off brilliantly.

21 Mar 2017 2:00 AM

Iconic expressions

Sculpt is a group exhibition featuring big and small sculptures that make magnificent statements as works of public art.

10 Dec 2016 12:08 AM