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India’s Most Wanted

India’s Most Wanted movie review: Is this a thriller? It’s boring

Sloppy and bulky, he looks unfit to be the sleuth that he tries too hard to be.

25 May 2019 1:39 AM

CBFC cuts Gita and Quran references

No wonder the CBFC now has religious experts on board to deal with any religious references in films.

20 May 2019 3:48 AM

Ticket to Bollywood

With an experience of over 17 years, Prasanth has witnessed how Malayalam cinema has evolved over the years.

11 May 2019 7:10 AM

Arjun Kapoor juggles his dates

The actor will essay the role of Prabhat Kapoor, who heads the four-member team carrying out the operation.

11 May 2019 12:47 AM

India’s Most Wanted, a film on Yasin Batkal?

Inspired from true events, the Arjun Kapoor starrer is about people who didn’t think about religion or caste.

04 May 2019 12:22 AM


India’s Most Wanted: Terror redefined

In India’s Most Wanted, we see Arjun leading a group of four men who we are told have no guns, only guts.

18 Apr 2019 4:36 AM

Many abusive men and their suffering wives go unnoticed

The high-profile nature of the Ilyasi murder case has meant that it has received a lot of attention.

21 Dec 2017 1:35 AM