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Boost sperm quality by adding tomatoes to your diet

Compound found in tomatoes can boost sperm quality.

10 Oct 2019 2:05 PM

Medical innovation: Young boys can now preserve their testicular tissues

Experiment offers new hope for fertility preservation in young boys with cancer and blood disorders.

24 May 2019 9:00 PM

Tight-fitting underwear may inhibit sperm production

Boxers wearing men have higher sperm count.

03 Jan 2019 1:11 PM

Your surroundings may be making you infertile

Phthalates are typical examples of endocrine disrupting hormones.

11 Dec 2018 12:05 AM

Mindfulness-based programs may reduce stress in infertile women

Researchers say the practice was able to reduce the self-perception of stress and depressive symptoms in this population.

18 Oct 2018 11:15 AM


Research finds link between chemical-free nail varnish and cancer

In three brands, they found TPHP which is known to be a hormone disruptor.

14 Oct 2018 8:16 PM

Eat healthy to keep PCOS at bay

The symptoms of the condition are hair loss, acne, facial hair, weight gain and infertility at times.

11 Oct 2018 12:41 AM

Men with small penises more likely to be infertile

Study says those with fertility problems tend to have penises around third of inch shorter when erect, than men without any issues.

09 Oct 2018 10:49 AM

Make-up, skincare have chemicals that could make women infertile, cause breast cancer

The chemicals included in these include parabens and BPA, which are considered 'gender benders' due to them encouraging male breast growth.

15 Sep 2018 7:37 PM

Boys born with undescended testicles are more likely to develop cancer as adults

Boys born with testicles in abdomens rather than scrotums are 2.4 times more like to suffer from testicular cancer as adults.

31 Aug 2018 1:59 PM


Planning a trip to France? Pack condoms. Here's why

According to health officials, cases of chlamydia and gonorrhoea tripled in 4 years in country

24 Jul 2018 9:43 PM

Hypogonadism - A lesser known cause of female infertility

Sex hormones also control the sex characteristics like breast development in women, testicular development in men, and pubic hair growth.

22 Jul 2018 2:34 PM

Moderate alcohol consumption can boost male fertility

Moderate alcohol intake was found linked with higher semen volume, sperm concentration, and total sperm count.

18 Jul 2018 4:18 PM

Infertile men 3 times more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer, says study

Researchers say undiagnosed prostate tumours may drive infertility, low testosterone levels could lead to development of both conditions.

03 Jul 2018 9:47 PM

Antioxidant supplements do not improve sperm quality, says study

Antioxidants have long been used to treat male infertility as they are thought to reduce oxidative stress on sperm.

03 Jul 2018 6:39 PM


Scientists create ‘artificial ovary’ to help women left infertile from cancer therapy

Researchers extracted patients’ immature eggs and grew them in biological “scaffolding” created in a lab.

02 Jul 2018 4:12 PM

Half of women under 34 don't enjoy sex; one in three has reproductive issues

Study found a third of women are experiencing severe reproductive issues including infertility, period pains or menopause.

27 Jun 2018 9:33 AM

Hair-straightening products contain potentially toxic mix

Black women use more hair products than other women and suffer disproportionately from uterine fibroids, early puberty and infertility.

16 May 2018 8:10 AM

Study finds eating fast food linked to infertility in women

Women who rarely or never ate fast food have 8 pc risk of infertility, while those who do have double the risk.

10 May 2018 8:49 AM

Infertility, diabetes, cancer risk high if you microwave food in plastic containers

Scientists have found heating micorwaving food in plastic containers can cause high BP, affect fertility, damage brain functioning.

09 May 2018 1:44 PM