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Iron Man

Real life 'Iron Man' Richard Browning sets a new jet-powered suit record

British inventor Richard Browning’s new updated jet-powered suit crushed his own speed record from 2017.

18 Nov 2019 9:31 AM

Mukesh Ambani praises Amit Shah, calls him 'karmyogi'

During his speech, Ambani also backed the Narendra Modi government’s ambitious goal of making India a USD 5 trillion economy.

30 Aug 2019 11:58 AM

Marvel at the new start

Turns out, you do not have to be as MCU’s Phase 4 is officially here and it is as action-packed as you would expect it to be.

25 Jul 2019 12:56 AM

Amazing! A real Iron Man suit exists and it can fly

Designer and fabricator, Adam Savage has built a fully functional Iron Man suit.

18 Jun 2019 2:12 PM

Leaving on a jetsuit? London store offers chance to hover like 'Iron Man'

The curious can see the suit at the store as well as test out a virtual reality version.

19 Jul 2018 2:33 PM


Renault launches KWID Super Hero Edition with Marvel

At Disney, we are constantly seeking fun new ways to make these characters a part of the everyday li-ves of fans everywhere.

07 Feb 2018 7:19 AM

Twitter reacts to Stan Lee getting accused of sexual misconduct

While news reports allege legendary Marvel comics creator asked for sexual favours, twitterati feel otherwise.

11 Jan 2018 3:29 PM

Marvel creator Stan Lee accused of sexual misconduct by care nurses at 95

It is alleged that the nonagenarian asked nurses for ‘oral sex’ in the shower and to be ‘pleasured in the bedroom’.

11 Jan 2018 1:58 PM

Disney-Fox deal may create a new nerdy nirvana

This deal would make the Disney juggernaut a more powerful theatrical force to be reckoned with than ever before.

17 Dec 2017 11:19 AM

I just want to hang up my jersey before it's embarrassing: Robert Downey Jr on Iron Man

He may have become synonymous with the Iron Man character, but he is now wondering if it's time to hang up his red armour.

03 Jul 2017 12:49 PM


Marvel Fans spot ‘Robert Downey Jr.’ in Chennai

Fans of the superhero actor posted photos on social media that went viral

16 Dec 2016 3:28 PM

Is Iron Man in India?

Apparently, Downey Jr also indulged in some shopping and was walking around leisurely unrecognised.

15 Dec 2016 7:05 AM