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A point to ponder: Do CMs make good PMs?

India’s 12th PM and the first from the BJP, Atal Behari Vajpayee, had a distinguished career as a parliamentarian.

28 Oct 2017 12:12 AM

Delhi chief secretary asked to ‘explain’ absence from Shastri event

“The chief minister is miffed over the casualty with which the officials treated a national-level event like this,” the aide said.

03 Oct 2017 1:51 AM

India at 70: Still young, restless, beset by crisis

India remained an optimist’s country despite widespread poverty and illiteracy.

15 Aug 2017 12:25 AM

Rs 150 crore to be spent for repairing sidewalks

According to the civic officials, Rs 138 crore would be spent for repairing flexible pavements of LBS road, which stretches for 4.2 km in Ghatkopar.

20 Apr 2017 6:33 AM

1965, when India decisively frustrated Pakistan's designs under Shastri

It was a difficult period in independent India's history.

12 Jan 2017 12:52 PM


Bose: A case of what could have been

Gandhi put him under Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, whom Bose later acknowledged as his political guru.

06 Jan 2017 12:51 AM