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A Man from Motihari, A lyrical tale of love, loss and breaking boundaries

Like Patna Blues, the writer’s earlier novel, the writing is unpretentious and evocative

13 Dec 2023 5:32 PM

Three translations, two debuts on JCB shortlist

The winner is set to be announced on November 18.

26 Oct 2023 10:00 PM

Farrukh Dhondy | Gender equity and literature: Are we taking things too far?

Literature was to be judged by its literary skill and, absolutely, by its enforcement of humanistic, humanitarian and egalitarian valuesd

28 Aug 2021 1:46 AM

Sweden stands by 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature amid controversy

Swedish Academy defends choice for 2019 Nobel literature prize.

17 Oct 2019 7:29 PM

Shifting sands in relations between parents and children

Studying links between social networks and life satisfaction over and beyond parenthood and marital status.

26 Aug 2019 1:23 AM


Budding roses

Entrepreneurs Yeshoda and Rhea Karuturi want to use their business enterprise to spread smiles everywhere.

04 Aug 2019 2:54 AM

Literature squares up

Racism in the First World metamorphoses into caste and religious divide in India.

15 Apr 2019 5:09 AM

Against Literature

Literature can’t take down racism... there is a “little white man deep inside us all”.

15 Apr 2019 5:07 AM

Nobel Prize in literature 2018 cancelled after sexual assault scandal

Decision was made on grounds academy is in no shape to pick winner after sex abuse allegations, financial crimes scandals.

04 May 2018 1:20 PM

Now, whiskey inspired by Edgar Allan

On January 30, interested folks can be sipping on a brand new whiskey inspired by the author’s psychological thriller.

26 Jan 2018 12:39 AM


Decoding the secrets of success in business

Rothman talks about the reasons behind writing the book and shares his insight into the Indian business market.

19 Jan 2018 12:58 AM

Bureaucrats should appreciate art, says Manish Sisodia

Those who work in this field must collect the vast treasure of Hindi and folk literature that we have,” he said.

30 Oct 2017 4:28 AM

Japan sees a surge in demand for Ishiguro's books

Japan had been pinning its hopes on novelist Haruki Murakami to win Nobel Prize but eagerly claimed link to winner with Japanese roots.

06 Oct 2017 10:49 AM

Academy likely to go for more conventional pick for Literature Nobel this year

While committee shocked world last year with unconventional pick, experts believe members will go with more orthodox choice this year.

05 Oct 2017 8:58 AM

Winner of Nobel Prize for literature to be revealed on Thursday

Last year’s winner, Bob Dylan, was the first singer songwriter to win the prestigious award, dividing the literary world.

02 Oct 2017 4:37 PM


Annie Proulx to receive honorary National Book Award

Previous recipients of the Distinguished Contribution medal include Toni Morrison, Philip Roth and Joan Didion.

21 Sep 2017 7:39 PM

Swear words use increasing in American literature: study

American authors used the seven risqué words 28 times more often in the mid-2000s than the early 1950s.

07 Aug 2017 6:43 PM

The sublime message: God is in the details

The raas work is almost like a pichwai with complete detail of even the embroidery on the odhnis of the dancers.

18 May 2017 6:49 AM

360 Degree: A red herring and a red rag

There are a couple of significant, and ominous, depending on the point of view, recommendations which have been rejected.

23 Apr 2017 6:39 AM

Meet Cuba's top detective writer, incognito at home

Padura won international acclaim for 'The Man Who Loved Dogs', based on the agent who assassinated Soviet exile Leon Trotsky.

10 Mar 2017 3:33 PM