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Heart attack risk high with one cigarette a day: study

Tobacco kills about seven million people worldwide every year, according to the World Health Organization.

25 Jan 2018 10:55 AM

6 unlikely signs of lung cancer revealed

Find out what you need to know.

12 Jan 2018 3:01 PM

Female night shift workers at risk factor for common cancers

These results might help establish and implement effective measures to protect female night shifters.

08 Jan 2018 1:50 PM

How air pollution causes lung cancer

Lung cancer is often detected too late and this is becoming a problem in treating the disease.

04 Dec 2017 5:42 AM

Lung cancer: Stages and treatment options

There are two major types of lung cancers.

27 Nov 2017 5:44 PM


Smell the disease

The theory that diseases can be detected through the breath dates back to 2,400 years ago.

27 Nov 2017 2:34 AM

Study explains air pollution's damaging risk factors

Read on to find out more.

01 Nov 2017 9:27 AM

Pollution killed 2.5 million people in India in 2015: study

Here is what new research has found.

20 Oct 2017 2:53 PM

Smokers with HIV more at risk of lung cancer than AIDS, says study

Researchers find that 25 percent of people who adhere well to anti-HIV medications but continue to smoke will die from lung cancer.

20 Sep 2017 12:42 PM

Immunotherapy, chemo mix by Merck shows extended lung cancer gains

US regulators approved drug cocktail in May but limited clinical trial data means questions remains whether it will retain effectiveness.

08 Sep 2017 8:30 AM


Risk of lung cancer higher for men taking vitamin B supplements

Here's what a new study found.

23 Aug 2017 1:59 PM

Alternative cancer cures see higher death rates, says study

Cancer patients who spurn surgery, radiation or chemotherapy in favour of unorthodox therapies are more than twice as likely to die.

19 Aug 2017 11:50 AM

Cancer patients have more risk of heart attacks post diagnosis

Study shows diagnosis of cancer is associated with more than doubling risk of stroke as it increases risk of blood clots.

16 Aug 2017 4:32 PM

High-fat diet linked to lung cancer risk

While the best way to lower the risk of lung cancer is to not smoke, a healthy diet may also help reduce lung cancer risk.

09 Aug 2017 1:09 AM


Alzheimer's may 'protect' sufferers from cancer

Researchers reveal that over-expressed genes in central nervous system diseases like Alzheimer’s are under-expressed in cancer.

06 Jul 2017 7:54 AM

Smokeless tobacco is 95 percent safer than smoking: Study

Researchers demonstrate the potential of the low risk tobacco product to help reduce the impact of tobacco related disease.

19 Jun 2017 9:31 AM

Recurrent lung cancer patients helped by proton therapy

The data is the first to analyze reirradiation of thoracic cancers with IMPT and offers hope for a patient population.

19 Mar 2017 11:52 AM

Gene activity in the nose may signal lung cancer

The nose tissue can help distinguish between benign lung disease and cancer

08 Mar 2017 9:06 AM

Drug gives 4 more months to lung cancer patients

Patients with non-small-cell lung cancer survived for 13.8 months on average on the drug called atezolizumab

13 Dec 2016 9:47 AM