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lyme disease

Tick Talk

The first symptom is usually a flat, oval or circular rash that looks like a bull’s-eye somewhere on the body.

13 Jan 2020 12:49 AM

Now diagnose Lyme disease in just 15 minutes

Study finds method to diagnose Lyme disease within 15 minutes.

16 Oct 2019 10:53 AM

Beard is riddled with nasty bacteria, faecal matter and may cause infections

Studies have found that beards can be a breeding ground for bacteria and being coarser it traps bugs and dirt more easily.

04 Aug 2018 11:22 AM

Tickborne diseases likely to increase: Study

The full findings are present in the journal- New England Journal of Medicine.

26 Jul 2018 6:06 PM

Runversation: Angela runs marathons to live, help Lyme buddies

Angela had started running at the suggestion of a friend in 2006, but was now reduced to being a near invalid for almost two years.

06 Jul 2018 2:09 AM


Avril Lavigne 'getting stronger and stronger' post lyme disease diagnosis

Singer Avril Lavigne is doing fine after revealing her lyme disease diagnosis a couple of years back.

10 Aug 2017 2:40 PM