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In a first, Indian Railways to provide massage service on board running trains

The service would be available for Rs 100 each for foot massage and head massage.

08 Jun 2019 1:53 PM

Rhythmic moves

Oriental Stretch, otherwise known as Thai Massage, is a combination of yoga-like postures and body massage based on team work.

07 Oct 2018 12:51 AM

Latest fad on internet - Snake massage

The massage uses snakes who compress and squeeze the subject thereby relaxing their muscles.

24 Apr 2018 9:08 PM

Women find pleasure with a new bizarre technique

Many people have taken to social media to declare their love for the yoni massage.

28 Jan 2018 7:22 PM

Women find pleasure with a new bizarre technique

The tantric practice is usually carried out by certified professionals.

27 Jan 2018 6:13 PM


Man suffers stroke after rough neck massage

Tests revealed patient suffered an anterior cerebral artery infarction which is the major vessel transporting blood to the frontal lobes.

08 Nov 2017 12:10 PM

For 23-year-old Delhi man, a massage proves to be fatal

The case of the man's death, that has been published in the latest edition of the Medico-Legal Journal, came to light during a post-mortem.

02 May 2017 2:13 PM