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US ‘politicising business’, says Chinese anti-virus firm blacklisted from importing tech from America

President Donald Trump’s administration says Chinese tech is based at least in part on stealing foreign knowhow and is used to spy on the US

25 May 2020 6:57 PM

Intel discloses three more possible chip flaws

Its commonly used Core and Xeon processors were among the products that were affected.

15 Aug 2018 9:03 AM

New semiconductor capable of doing ‘optical communication’

Ultra thin layers of new semiconductor can emit and detect light, can be stacked on top of silicon wafers.

24 Oct 2017 5:59 PM

New wearable sensor can diagnose diseases from sweat

The new sensor collects sweat, measures its molecular constituents, such as chloride ions and glucose.

18 Apr 2017 4:55 PM