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microsoft office

Microsoft Office 2021 consumer release to come out in October

Microsoft will support Office LTSC for five years, and the company has also committed to another perpetual version of Office for the future

17 Sep 2021 2:58 PM

Use of Microsoft Office files to perpetrate cyber crime rises by 176 pc

SonicWall Capture Labs publishes findings from intelligence data gathered from 1.1 million sensors in 215 countries and territories.

27 Jul 2020 6:26 PM

Risking using pirated software? Delhi firm asked to pay Microsoft, Adobe Rs 30 lakh damages

Delhi High Court has ordered a local IT firm to pay the software giants for using their unlicensed software.

27 May 2020 8:30 PM

Three on ‘off’er

Once the trial concluded, it was observed that productivity had received a major boost by almost 40 per cent.

08 Nov 2019 12:08 AM

Microsoft to launch single app with all Office tools

The app’s name itself is pretty self-explanatory – Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more.

03 Nov 2019 11:14 AM


Barracuda Secures and Optimizes Office 365 User Experience with Microsoft Virtual WAN

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall extends its market leadership in SD-WAN security and cloud connectivity.

21 Jul 2019 1:59 PM

Google will soon let you edit Microsoft Office files in Docs

Now Google has announced that it is adding native support for Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.

12 Apr 2019 10:28 AM

MS Office is now available in Apple

Apple has finally added Microsoft Office to the Mac App Store.

28 Jan 2019 12:05 AM

Microsoft files lawsuit against IP address that activated pirated Windows, Office

In this particular case, it was very likely that it was a store that installed unlicensed copies on the devices it sold.

28 Dec 2017 1:59 PM

Microsoft to roll out new features for iPhone, iPad

Microsoft plans to add new feature called ‘digital ink’, which will be available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iOS devices.

07 Nov 2017 6:20 PM


Satya Nadella turns author

The book also discusses Satya’s childhood before immigrating to the US and how he learned to lead along the way.

10 Sep 2017 12:58 AM

Don't type anymore, just speak to write with Dictate

The most anticipated feature on modern computers makes typing easier by letting users speak to type.

22 Jun 2017 2:42 PM

Excited about the new foldable phone from Microsoft? Find out here

Alleged leaks have noted a so-called Surface Mobile device that Microsoft might be planning a hardware push.

12 Jun 2017 3:18 PM

Bug discovered in Microsoft Office

Users are reportedly taking to Twitter, to express their annoyance.

31 May 2017 2:38 PM