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Shahid Kapoor: I used to be a wild animal before Mira came

Shahid Kapoor, who was gearing up for 'Padmavati' release, now spoke about his wife Mira Rajput.

10 Dec 2017 6:07 PM

Karan Johar waits for Mira Rajput Kapoor

Although Mira Rajput earlier maintained that she’d never enter Bollywood, Karan is waiting on her nod, if she wants to make her debut.

04 Nov 2017 12:43 AM

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput coming together on-screen?

Karan has apparently already pitched the idea to the couple and is yet to get a nod from their end.

02 Nov 2017 12:21 AM

Simplicity is beautiful

Highlighting your face, while keeping it simple, can be a difficult task. Expert stylists explain how to do your face when you want to look graceful.

13 Oct 2017 12:09 AM

Sweating it out together

In times when partners struggle to find time for each other, working out together could be a great way to bond, say experts.

27 Sep 2017 12:15 AM


Shahid confesses: When I was 18, never thought would marry a girl who was 5 then

The handsome hunk who bagged the Best Actor Award, thanked his wife Mira for being his lucky charm and strength.

17 Jul 2017 11:50 AM

Playing the perfect star wife

The pretty wife of Shahid Kapoor, a frequent Page 3 celebrity, has been launching books among other things.

05 Jul 2017 12:57 AM

Mira Rajput won’t take up films

Mira Rajput has now decided not to enter films at all. After Shahid Kapoor mentioned that he had no qualms about her entering films.

03 Jul 2017 12:15 AM

Mira Rajput get a Bollywood fitness trainer

The star wife is taking gym lessons from Shahid’s own trainer now.

13 Jun 2017 12:23 AM

Shahid Kapoor shares first video of daughter Misha and it's too adorable!

The actor shared a video on Instagram where his daughter Misha is learning to clap for the first time.

03 Jun 2017 11:02 AM


Shahid takes a dip in the pool with baby Misha

The actor shared an adorable picture with baby Misha in the pool on Instagram.

26 Apr 2017 1:08 PM

A pure gold wives tale!

When tweets are trolled, these star better halves rise to the provocation with sheer purpose.

06 Apr 2017 12:26 AM

Papa kehte hain!

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor gets candid about his arranged marriage, with Mira Rajput, fatherhood and even his ex-Kareena Kapoor.

27 Mar 2017 12:11 AM

Social call out

Online platforms such as Twitter are helping users hit back at misinformed opinions from celebs, as Mira Rajput recently found out.

16 Mar 2017 12:09 AM

The new wave of feminism is aggressive and destructive: Mira Rajput

She feels that feminism is not woman versus man but is actually about equality.

10 Mar 2017 2:40 PM


Shahid and Mira's princess Misha is already the photogenic diva

We are sure, Misha's this pretty picture will make everyone's Saturday brighter than it already is.

04 Mar 2017 1:58 PM

Shahid Kapoor reveals first glimpse of daughter Misha

Sasha and wife Mira Rajput had been blessed with the adorable baby girl last year.

08 Feb 2017 2:52 PM

First pic: Shahid's daughter Misha has grown up and is beautiful!

The actor has now given us the best glimpse of Misha till now in an Instagram picture he shared on Monday.

07 Feb 2017 9:43 AM

Exclusive: Once difficult Shahid Kapoor is a humble man now, here is how!

Known for throwing tantrums on sets, Shahid used to be a nightmare for many but not any more.

26 Jan 2017 3:15 PM

KWK: Shahid Kapoor wants to 'kill' this ex lover of his

Shahid was asked to play the kill-marry-hook up game which had Sonakshi, Alia and Priyanka.

02 Jan 2017 2:16 PM