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Partial Muharram ban in Srinagar; lakhs of mourners attend tazia procession elsewhere in J&K

Zuljinah and tazia processions and ‘sham-e-garibaan’ rallies were permitted in predominantly Shia areas of Srinagar including Zadibal

20 Aug 2021 9:52 AM

Jammu and Kashmir Police detain several Shia mourners trying to take out Muharram procession

The police sources said that 68 people were detained for violating an official ban on Muharram processions

29 Aug 2020 3:46 AM

Supreme Court declines permission for Muharram processions across the country

The apex court said how can it pass a general order for the whole country.

27 Aug 2020 3:20 PM

Milk at Rs 140 per litre, costlier than petrol in Pakistan

Petrol was sold Rs 113 per litre, while diesel was Rs 91 per litre in Pakistan.

11 Sep 2019 1:31 PM

Roads sealed, Muharram march thwarted in Valley

Ban on taking out mourning rallies, processions.

11 Sep 2019 1:54 AM


Communal harmony: Hindu, Muslims celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, Muharram under one roof

Both Hindus and Muslims gather at the same place, where arrangements have been made for Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram.

10 Sep 2019 11:40 AM

No Muharram processions to be allowed in Srinagar today

It is learnt the authorities are contemplating keeping a tight rein even on rallies held in Shia neighbourhoods this time.

10 Sep 2019 2:31 AM

Mystic mantra: Hussaini brahmins upheld the truth

Wah Dutt Sultan,Hindu ka Dharm,Musalman ka Iman,Adha Hindu, Adha Musalman.

04 Oct 2018 6:27 AM

Curfew in Srinagar during Muharram

The officials said that the security restrictions were in place in some parts of Srinagar.

22 Sep 2018 1:34 AM

A communal harmony message: Hindus, Muslims perform ‘aarti’, ‘azaan’ in same pandal

Residents of Thane's Mumbra village are conducting Ganesha 'aarti' and 'azaan' for Muharram in same pandal set up by Ekta Mitra Mandal.

21 Sep 2018 11:06 AM


Elaborate security steps for Muharram

senior officer of state police said precautionary measures have been taken in connection with the Muharram procession.

21 Sep 2018 5:29 AM

Mystic Mantra: Muharram — A month of spiritual renewal

In Islamic traditions, the 10th of Muharram, is said to be amongst the most blessed of days.

15 Sep 2018 6:02 AM

No more matam scenes in films: Shias to Bollywood

The organisations have claimed that the usage in films sends out a wrong message to the audience as it is used as a build up prior to a violent scene.

23 May 2018 1:49 AM

The wretched of the earth

In their popular message, both events — Muharram and Ram Lila — are observed as marking the triumph of good over evil.

04 Oct 2017 12:49 AM

Mystic Mantra: Ashura, the unique face of Shia Islam

Hussein was the grandson of Prophet Mohammad, a fact that played an important role in his life and contributed to his death.

29 Sep 2017 2:24 AM


People should enjoy fests peacefully, says West Bengal governor

The TMC had earlier imposed restrictions on idol immersions after 10 pm on September 30 and had said that there will be no immersion on Muharram.

23 Sep 2017 4:38 AM

Police permit needed for idol immersion on Muharram: Mamata

The Calcutta High Court on Thursday had allowed immersion of Durga idols in West Bengal on all days including Muharram.

22 Sep 2017 8:07 PM

A clear indictment of Mamata-style politics

Durga idols can now be immersed on all days, including Muharram.

22 Sep 2017 12:10 AM

Can immerse Durga idols on all days, including Muharram: Calcutta HC

Mamata sparked a controversy when she declared that Durga idols would not be immersed after 6 pm on Sept 30 (Dashami) and Oct 1.

21 Sep 2017 3:02 PM

Can't impose restrictions just because you are state: HC to WB on idol immersion case

Mamata sparked a controversy when she declared that Durga idols would not be immersed after 6 pm on Sept 30 (Dashami) and Oct 1.

21 Sep 2017 1:20 PM