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World Music Day 2019: TV actors talk about why they love music

This World Music Day, TV actors talk about the importance of music in their lives.

21 Jun 2019 8:00 AM

Spotify launches Your Daily Drive that blends music and podcasts

Your Daily Drive combines best of news talk shows with audio streaming.

13 Jun 2019 10:23 AM

Snapchat, JioSaavn partner to enable sharing of Indian music

JioSaavn users can now share their favourite songs with family and friends on Snapchat with the tap of a button.

29 May 2019 4:01 PM

Musical ferry ride for music that speaks to the soul and calms mind

Istanbul's musical ferry can be a soulful experience, add it to your travel list.

26 May 2019 11:23 AM

When violins try to combat violence

City of Baltimore experiences the transformative power of music.

25 Apr 2019 12:55 PM


Do you know that music is a natural healer?

Music is a clear reflection of the sum totality of human behaviour.

22 Apr 2019 9:38 AM

Play Skrillex to prevent mosquito bites

Playing dubstep music, particularly Scary Monsters, and Nice Sprites by Skrillex, reduced mosquito attacks.

04 Apr 2019 10:54 AM

Music streaming to rule globally this year

Streaming music, especially paid subscriptions, lifted worldwide revenue 9.7 per cent to USD 19.1 billion in 2018.

03 Apr 2019 10:56 AM

Spotify rolls out Premium Duo for 'couples under one roof'

Premium Duo allows two people to have their separate accounts with a single subscription.

29 Mar 2019 10:17 AM

Spotify wants benefits of a free app without being free: Apple

Apple said it had approved and distributed nearly 200 app updates on Spotify’s behalf.

16 Mar 2019 9:59 AM


Facebook teams up with Indian music labels

People in India can now express themselves with music in their posts on Facebook and Instagram.

15 Mar 2019 4:56 PM

Facebook partners Indian music firms to allow users post their music

Before this partnership, Facebook pulled down any post that used the music of famous labels due to copyright issues.

14 Mar 2019 5:50 PM

Anthems of angst

Computer analysis shows popular music lyrics become angrier and sadder over time.

26 Jan 2019 4:22 PM

Boredom, mother of creativity: Brain research throws up the power of music

When fed with music, the entire brain-sphere is aglow, showing that the power of music influences every part of the organ.

09 Dec 2018 1:30 AM

You may finally be able to import your phone music on Spotify

Spotify is reportedly testing a feature that allows you to import your music from an Android device.

03 Dec 2018 4:56 PM


UNESCO adds reggae music to global cultural heritage list

Reggae emerged in the late 1960s out of Jamaica’s ska and rocksteady genres, also drawing influence from American jazz and blues.

29 Nov 2018 2:36 PM

Here’s how music helps people with dementia

According to a new study, music may even help in improving the mood of people with dementia.

24 Nov 2018 2:35 PM

Soulful music for the Mind!

Marouan Benabdallah from Morocco who considers India to be home, will be playing in the city as part of his 15th tour in India.

21 Nov 2018 12:07 AM

Singing by ear

Singer Shashaa Tirupati speaks about following her dream and making a mark in the Indian film music industry.

18 Nov 2018 12:22 AM

Graffiti rockers!

The band shares an opinion with many other artists that the music industry has been stagnant and degrading in the past few years.

13 Nov 2018 12:14 AM