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Couple told they will never have children shock doctors by having twins, and triplets

Doctors found Nadia had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and 37 cysts in her ovaries, making it difficult for her to become pregnant.

18 Dec 2018 1:06 PM

Gene critical for male sex development identified

As we begin to understand the genetic underpinnings of these disorders, we can improve our care of these patients.

15 Jun 2018 3:46 PM

Woman born without vagina becomes first in world to have one made out of fish skin

The 23-year-old from Brazil, Jucilene Marinho, underwent a neovaginoplasty in April last year after being born with MRKH.

01 Jun 2018 1:06 PM

Study finds eating fast food linked to infertility in women

Women who rarely or never ate fast food have 8 pc risk of infertility, while those who do have double the risk.

10 May 2018 8:49 AM

All you need to know about Endometriosis

You can also go for natural treatments to treat endometriosis, such as adopting healthier eating habits.

27 Mar 2018 6:03 PM


Massive 34 kg tumour removed from 57-year-old woman's ovaries

She was forced to go ahead when it grew to cover 80 percent of her abdomen and crushed her intestines.

02 Feb 2018 4:35 PM

Small risk of breast cancer seen with hormone contraceptives

Researchers found a similar breast cancer risk with the progestin-only intrauterine device.

07 Dec 2017 12:21 PM

Cancer survivor's ovarian tissue frozen 11 years ago transplanted back in womb using robot

The woman who wishes to not be identified had her eggs removed at the age of 15.

28 Nov 2017 9:00 PM

Drinking red wine may up chances of conceiving

Research in the US revealed that hopeful mothers who regularly drank red wine had better ovarian reserve.

28 Oct 2017 4:50 PM

Breast cancer drug ups IVF success in older women

According to research one in five women who used the treatment were able to have a baby using their own eggs

16 Aug 2017 11:06 AM