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Pahlaj Nihalani

I’m recovering well: Vicky Kaushal

Vicky’s accident once again brings into focus the issue of safety for actors while shooting action scenes.

21 Apr 2019 12:09 AM

Pahlaj Nihalani releases song praising PM Modi

Mr Nihlani also claimed that Bollywood had been given a status of industry owing to his efforts.

13 Apr 2019 3:07 AM

Kangana has forgotten how much I’ve helped her, says Pahlaj Nihalani

After the actress lashed out at Pahlaj Nihalani for making her uncomfortable by offering a risque role, the producer presents his defence.

30 Mar 2019 12:48 AM

Kangana has been thankless to all who have helped her: Pahlaj Nihalani

Director-producer and former Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani has given a reply to Kangana Ranaut's statement against him.

29 Mar 2019 4:38 PM

Out of work actor pleaded for role in Rangeela Raja

He even made a call to filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani asking for a role in the film Rangeela Raja.

11 Feb 2019 6:02 AM


Kangana Ranaut no more Pahlaj Nihalani's dream girl

Nihalani admits that he swore to never to making that film again, if not with Kangana.

07 Jan 2019 4:44 AM

Film tribunal told to hear Nihalani’s plea expeditiously

The vacation bench of the HC directed Nihalani to approach the FCAT.

22 Nov 2018 1:13 AM

Pahlaj Nihlani loses crores due to film’s delayed release

Not just the change in date, now Nihalani’s marketing spends on the film will have to be redone again.

15 Nov 2018 1:02 AM

No relief for Nihalani in plea against CBFC cuts

On November 2, the CBFC committee had passed an order asking for various cuts in his movie Rangeela Raja.

14 Nov 2018 12:32 AM

Nihalani files plea against CBFC for cuts in his film

Nihalani has alleged that some people from the CBFC have deliberately hatched a conspiracy against him.

06 Nov 2018 1:53 AM


This is nothing but personal vendetta: Nihalani blasts CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi

Former CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani’s film Rangeela Raja has been ordered 20 cuts by the Central Board of Film Certification.

05 Nov 2018 6:17 PM

Pahlaj Nihalani’s censor woes

Nihalani is clearly not impressed by his successor Prasoon Joshi, whom he accuses of purposely delaying his film.

01 Nov 2018 12:49 AM

Chote Miyan to take on Bade Miyan

Now the two of them will be seen together again this Diwali, and I hope they both emerge as winners,” Nihalani adds.

07 Oct 2018 1:48 AM

Sanju doesn’t release in Dubai on Thursday

Trade analyst Atul Mohan agrees, saying, “Yes, considering the risks involved it’s a good idea.

29 Jun 2018 12:31 AM

A liberal approach to Salman’s Race 3

A source from the Indian censor board finds the discrepancy in perception to be disconcerting.

16 Jun 2018 12:08 AM


Govinda playing Mallya in Rangeela Raja?

Rangeela Raja that opens in August reunites Govinda and Pahlaj after 35 years.

29 May 2018 12:17 AM

Pahlaj Nihalani questions CBFC's role in 'Padmavati' matter

The release date of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s controversial period film is yet to be finalised.

31 Dec 2017 12:04 PM

Now, Pahlaj Nihalani hits back at Akshay Kumar

The former CBFC chief says that he wrote repeatedly to the I&B ministry about these’ banned’ ads.

15 Dec 2017 12:03 AM

Pahlaj Nihalani doesn’t regret Julie 2

Admitting that the movie was a disaster, Pahlaj Nihalani says he lost about Rs 80 crore on it.

10 Dec 2017 1:07 AM

Not Rs 100 crore, it’s Rs 10 crore club at the box office

Fact of the matter is that films have not lived up to their hype.

30 Nov 2017 1:54 AM