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parasitic twin

Locals flock to see child born with 4 legs and 2 penises they describe as a miracle

Although parents and doctors were shocked when he was born, locals have been fascinated by the child.

18 Sep 2018 3:32 PM

Filipino teen set to undergo surgery for removing extra limbs from parasitic twin

The parts are heavy and restrict Veronica’s movements as they also leak at times.

31 Jul 2018 8:57 PM

Extra limb of baby boy born with three legs removed after surgery that lasted 10 hours

The amputation was delayed since the boy’s family wasn’t in a good financial condition.

21 Mar 2018 7:20 PM

Mass thought to be tumour revealed as parasitic twin inside baby's body

The condition is caused by incomplete separation of twins inside the womb and only 200 such cases have been recorded.

14 Dec 2017 3:21 PM

Boy born with extra legs and penis saved by free surgery

The boy was about to be dumped into a river by his family when news spread to a man running a hospital.

04 Aug 2017 4:37 PM


Rare condition has extra head attached to baby's stomach

The condition giving a parasitic twin is one in a million and caused by delay in seperation of the embryo's

03 May 2017 7:00 PM