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When Raghu Rai convinced Mother Teresa of taking prayer pics!

Mother Teresa did not want photographs to be taken during prayers.

20 Aug 2017 2:09 PM

A play of bold contrasts

Taras Tarapovala loves his photographs to be minimal, clutter-free, raw yet chic, ranging from greyscale to bright hues.

20 Aug 2017 6:06 AM

Village elders' vigour and zest for life inspire powerful photo series

Photographer captures the luminous spirit of the golden years in Himachal Pradesh.

15 Aug 2017 5:58 PM

Beyond the image

Santosh took up photography as a hobby before his interest took him to San Francisco to pursue his Masters in Fine Arts Photography.

13 Aug 2017 12:28 AM

Google, MIT introduce automatic photo retouching on phone

With the new algorithm, the system can apply a range of styles in real time and your viewfinder will display the enhanced image.

03 Aug 2017 10:12 AM


Clicking on the go

Living his dream through his camera, photographer Nakul Sharma loves telling stories through images.

02 Jul 2017 6:01 AM

From a galaxy far, far away

The sky is the muse for astro-photographer Navaneeth Unnikrishnan who loves clicking pictures of deep space objects and landscapes.

25 Jun 2017 4:52 AM

Capturing cultures

Varun Suresh explores the sights and sounds of different cultures, armed with nothing but a camera as he goes off the grid during his travels.

18 Jun 2017 12:40 AM

A cop’s shooting spree

A globetrotting photographer by day and constable by night, Cop Shiva’s photographs capture the complexities of rural and urban India.

11 Jun 2017 1:21 AM

Facebook album to get a new update

You can now add posts to your Facebook album.

05 Jun 2017 5:59 PM


Serendipitous shutterbug

Capturing nature and humans through his lens, writer Abhinav Chandel’s delicately framed pictures are accompanied by poetry and short stories.

04 Jun 2017 5:50 AM

Recreating iconic art

Young artists Pakhi Sen and Samira Bose too admired Amrita’s art and often discussed the legendary Indo-Hungarian artist.

30 May 2017 12:05 AM

Crossing borders

Photography exhibition by 11 dynamic women explores the idea of borders among many other themes from around the world.

22 May 2017 6:41 AM

Digestive disorders

Gallstones can cause severe abdominal pain — or no symptoms at all.

22 May 2017 6:40 AM

Slice of street life

Photographer Dikshit Mundra captures vivid, raw and conceptual images from the streets of India.

07 May 2017 5:11 AM


Fading traditions

The fifth year of this project, titled ‘Framing the living traditions’, mentored five young photographers.

25 Apr 2017 12:15 AM

Natural drama

From portraits of monks to movie-inspired compositions, lenswoman Sharanya Chander creates drama with her camera.

23 Apr 2017 6:02 AM

Ode to the Ganga

Celebrated in myth and legend, in literature and art, the Ganga, in many ways, defines India.

19 Mar 2017 12:34 AM

Golden girls of silver screen

Prem Sagar retraces his journey in the world of cinema through his beautiful portraits of the leading ladies of Bollywood.

12 Mar 2017 12:58 AM

Nubia ready to launch a photographer’s smartphone

Smartphones today are focussed mainly towards photography with high-end primary cameras.

07 Mar 2017 1:25 PM