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The lockdown has seen a 95 per cent increase in Indian traffic to Pornhub

16 Apr 2020 12:10 AM

Pornhub isn’t buying Tumblr; porn ban still in place

Contrary to wide speculation, Pornhub is officially out of the race to acquire Tumblr.

13 Aug 2019 8:27 AM

Pornhub’s Top 20 Cities report shows Indian porn is popular across the globe

Indian porn is 57 per cent more popular in New York, 42 per cent more popular in London, 76 per cent in Paris and 92 per cent in Toronto.

22 May 2019 12:29 PM

Pornhub reveals people searched for Star Wars on May 4th

The adult site revealed how every year on the Star Wars Day it witnesses a huge increase in related searches.

06 May 2019 3:24 PM

Adult websites to make users register phone number, address

Move will also see adult website asking users to give their date of birth before signing up under new porn laws.

01 Feb 2018 10:30 AM


Study reveals women are watching more porn than ever

Search term ‘porn for women’ skyrocketed among females logging on to the adult platform, which is internet’s largest X-rated site.

12 Jan 2018 10:34 AM

Manhattan gets its first Pornhub store

Move comes as adult entertainment giant seeks to expand from the web.

25 Nov 2017 4:05 PM

Here's what trends the most on Halloween, says Pornhub

According to revelation, it turns out when viewers are active during Halloween and what they are looking for.

30 Oct 2017 4:02 PM

Find out why PornHub is giving away Rs16 lakhs

Adult website to give money to one lucky individual, the reason for which, has nothing to do with adult content.

06 Sep 2017 4:16 PM

Pornhub came up with a hilarious April Fool's joke

People were greeted by a pop up saying that the video they opened was automatically shared on social media.

04 Apr 2017 4:54 PM


Porn website will now protect your identity, hide your kinky fantasies

With the new encryption, your viewing habits will now be shielded from prying eyes.

01 Apr 2017 12:15 PM

Here's how PornHub is helping blind people enjoy porn

The videos follow a porn book launched in 2010 which had braille and raised images of nudes.

20 Jan 2017 2:33 PM

Thirty per cent of porn website visitors from India are women: Report

Well known adult content website PornHub in a report stated that about 30 per cent of website visitors are women

10 Jan 2017 7:27 PM

Pornhub releases Christmas-themed commercial

After all, not every person on the planet will be enjoying festivities with family and friends.

10 Dec 2016 4:06 PM