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Pre-eclampsia can now be easily detected

Simple test to predict symptoms of deadly pregnancy disorder.

24 Oct 2019 9:13 AM

Pre-eclampsia can affect pregnant woman’s heart

Effect of pre-eclampsia on cardiovascular health of pregnant women can persist after pregnancy.

04 Jul 2019 10:40 AM

Home blood pressure monitoring during pregnancy safe, cost effective

About 10 percent of pregnant women have chronic high blood pressure and must keep tabs on it throughout pregnancy.

07 Mar 2018 12:40 PM

Scientists discover new test that can predict miscarriage just one week into pregnancy

Test, carried out in first 12 weeks of pregnancy, can also predict if woman is expected to give birth prematurely or develop pre-eclampsia.

01 Nov 2017 1:47 PM

Daily Aspirin dose cuts pre-eclampsia risk in pregnant women by 82%

The WHO has already recommended low-dose aspirin for the prevention of pre-eclampsia.

30 Jun 2017 9:32 AM


How to deal with pre-eclampsia

The condition has very basic symptoms but can be potentially hazardous to mothers as well as babies.

05 Jun 2017 1:07 AM