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Pregnancy over 35 increases heart risks in children

New research highlights the need for improved access to healthcare for children born to older mothers.

08 Jun 2018 3:31 PM

Thyroid dysfunction may lead to diabetes during pregnancy

Screening for thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy is still controversial.

08 Jun 2018 2:40 PM

Here's why parents shouldn't expose kids to cigarette smoke

Preventing exposure to tobacco smoke during pregnancy and postnatally may reduce the risk of hearing problems in children.

06 Jun 2018 2:42 PM

Having more children puts women at a higher risk of heart disease

While pregnancy puts strain on the heart, raising children can be stressful and can stop women from paying attention to their health.

04 Jun 2018 3:02 PM

Virtual reality sessions helpful in reducing anxiety

The research was presented at this year's Euroanaesthesia congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.

02 Jun 2018 6:24 PM


Lack of vitamin D can lead to miscarriage

However, vitamin D levels in the eighth week of pregnancy were not linked to pregnancy loss.

31 May 2018 1:37 PM

Researchers say distress in pregnancy can 'turn on' schizophrenia genes

Schizophrenia is a mental health issue that affects how you think, behave, feel and cause one to have a distorted view of reality.

30 May 2018 1:49 PM

Prenatal vitamin D tied to lower risk of underweight babies and birth defects

Mothers who took vit D during pregnancy were 28 pc less likely to have underweight newborns or babies who died in womb or during infancy.

30 May 2018 8:17 AM

Stress in infancy alters body's organs: Study

The problems begin when exposure to stress is constant.

29 May 2018 4:08 PM

Trying to conceive? Eat seafood

Researchers say seafood can have many reproductive benefits.

28 May 2018 12:42 PM


Women who freeze eggs to delay childbirth often feel regret

Study of more than 200 women who had eggs removed and frozen as form of counter-infertility insurance found nearly half expressing regret.

26 May 2018 9:17 AM

Diet during pregnancy impacts your child's growth

Find out how.

25 May 2018 11:23 AM

Study finds impact of lead exposure on fertility

Because fertility has implications for economic activity, factors that decrease fertility are of significant policy concern.

23 May 2018 5:38 PM

Does eating fish in pregnancy increase autism risk?

The health benefits of fish outweigh the risks from mercury.

22 May 2018 1:40 PM

Postnatal depression: Here’s everything you need to know

Postnatal depression is a depressive episode which occurs within four weeks of delivery.

21 May 2018 4:32 PM


Depression in men reduces couple's chances of getting pregnant by 60 per cent

Study also found that taking certain kinds of antidepressants may raise risks that a woman would miscarry.

21 May 2018 1:56 PM

Here are 5 lifestyle habits that can lead to breast cancer

One disease that has affected the lives of millions of women across the world is Breast Cancer — the most common cancer in women.

16 May 2018 8:48 AM

Tips for couples facing fertility issues

Here are some tips that will ease such couples' stress .

14 May 2018 7:11 PM

In-womb air pollution may increase BP in childhood: study

Ours is one of the first studies to show breathing polluted air during pregnancy may have a direct negative influence.

14 May 2018 5:29 PM

Drinking coffee during pregnancy ups obesity risk in kids: Study

Here is what a new study has found.

13 May 2018 2:20 PM