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Justin Trudeau apologises for brownface makeup, says 'I'm disappointed in myself'

Trudeau also admitted to wearing dark makeup singing Harry Belafonte's 1959 hit Day O at a separate high school talent contest.

19 Sep 2019 11:44 AM

Raising a red card to cyber terror

With increasing availability of affordable data services an social media presence, cyber bullying is on the rise!

17 Sep 2019 11:57 PM

‘Americans must not let racist views become normalised,’ says Obama

Obama, like many presidents before him, has exerted caution as he avoids pointed criticism of his successor.

06 Aug 2019 9:38 AM

Time to embrace that brown, dark can be beautiful

The “blackface” use of cosmetics to make the skin darker and effect cultural misappropriation of African tradition can be viewed as a racist act.

02 Aug 2019 12:18 AM

'Racist' Mahatma Gandhi statue pulled down by teachers in Ghana

Having campaigned for removal of statue for two years, teachers at University of Ghana decided to pull down the statue themselves.

17 Dec 2018 12:07 PM


Without his racism and controversial worldviews, there is no Naipaul art

That dark ink which flowed in his veins sprung from the sad, inescapable whiteness of the universe, the sad, sad fixities of human nature.

15 Aug 2018 2:36 AM

Chinese New Year TV gala criticised for 'blackface' skit

Against a savannah backdrop, actor Lou Naiming, wearing colourful clothes and carrying a tray of fruit on her head.

17 Feb 2018 4:23 PM

Drinking makes people more racist and homophobic

Alcohol acts as an ingniter to prejudice following which people go on to commit hate crimes.

29 Dec 2017 9:00 AM

Condemn racist gestures

It is important we stand up against racism lest we become complicit in such obnoxious thoughts and practices.

26 Nov 2017 4:31 AM

School librarian rejects Melania Trump's book donation

The White House responded by saying that the first lady wanted to use her platform “to help as many children as she can.”

01 Oct 2017 5:11 PM


When boys get body shamed

Innate racism and casual body shaming spreads across genders.

14 Jun 2017 12:03 AM

Mind your ‘covfefe’ language!

CNN anchors further told Ananya that they didn’t know if ‘covfefe’ originated from Sanskrit.

07 Jun 2017 12:14 AM

The ‘fairness’ craze taken to a new level

How was Goswami Tulsidas to ever know that one day avid champions of Rama would have a foolish complex about being dark-skinned?

17 May 2017 12:24 AM

Harbhajan’s angry tweets ground ‘racist’ expat pilot

Jet Airways issued a statement on Wednesday night that they had de-rostered the concerned pilot.

27 Apr 2017 1:25 AM

Racism in the land of Gandhi and Buddha

Understandably, the latest round of atrocities has prompted demands for a law banning race discrimination.

11 Apr 2017 3:26 AM


Zuma hits back, says anti-govt protests ‘racist’

Zuma has easily survived previous such votes against him.

11 Apr 2017 3:22 AM

Dark truth of racism

BJP MP Tarun Vijay’s racist comment has sparked a storm of protest, with many expressing how it mirrors the fact that our country was.

09 Apr 2017 12:19 AM

Colour us racist

BJP’s Tarun Vijay denied racism in the country by passing ignorant comments about South Indians.

09 Apr 2017 12:19 AM

Veni, vidi, vacay with caution

Country itineraries for tourists are also taking cognisance of the need to be cautious, and many regions have laid out rules to be followed.

11 Mar 2017 12:21 AM

Aaron Carter attacked at performance

The musician took offence and later came back to the performance, jumped on stage and attacked Aaron.

20 Feb 2017 12:52 AM