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Here's why people choose to stay in unhappy relationships

Here is what a new study has found.

25 Oct 2018 2:12 PM

Sexually engaging with your ex might not be as bad as you think

Experts say it has it may help you recover from the breakup.

18 Oct 2018 9:21 AM

It’s time to live, love and laugh

Then there is this fetish for information! Unparalleled in the history of the past.

19 Sep 2018 12:11 AM

Stop, take a break and think

For a happy life and a healthy relationship one needs to take a break from trying to be perfect and enjoy the moment.

12 Sep 2018 12:41 AM

Secret to Japan couple's 80 years of marriage: wife's patience

Japanese have among the longest life expectancies in the world.

05 Sep 2018 4:03 PM


Boyfriends on rent

Depression is not a condition that can be treated by this so-called app, which blatantly claims to cure it.

02 Sep 2018 12:53 AM

Boys report more violence in teen dating

More research is needed to understand why boys are reporting more dating violence.

31 Aug 2018 12:08 PM

Mystic Mantra: The purpose of life

A guru defines our path and its purpose and gives the means to achieve it too.

31 Aug 2018 1:33 AM

Close father-daughter ties may help combat loneliness

Researchers noted that loneliness declined more quickly among girls who had a closer relationship with their fathers.

30 Aug 2018 12:55 PM

On-off relationships toxic for mental health

The pattern of breaking up and getting back together can be harmful for an individual's mental health.

26 Aug 2018 3:46 PM


A quest to belong

In the course of writing, people inspire him. The desire to connect with other humans.

22 Aug 2018 12:08 AM

Brands won't buy you friends, study suggests

When it comes to friendships people preferred people with lower or neutral status symbols.

16 Aug 2018 9:41 AM

Bad marriage can affect your gut

Leaky guts can unleash bacteria into the blood and can drive up disease-causing inflammation.

16 Aug 2018 9:15 AM

Men, like women, can have post-sex blues

Post-coital dysphoria PCD can occur despite satisfying and enjoyable sex.

15 Aug 2018 11:52 AM

Life begins at 60

Rather than counting days, old age can be a time of self-fulfillment and happiness.

08 Aug 2018 12:45 AM


I have low self-esteem, says Karan Johar

The filmmaker who’s all set to help people fix their relationship issues on his radio show, reveals that he hasn’t had great luck himself.

08 Aug 2018 12:23 AM

A friendly ‘ghosting’

Sensitivity, kindness and respect is finally trending and caspering is the most recent example of that.

02 Aug 2018 12:13 AM

Boys have more tightly knit band of friends than girls: Study

Males tended to cluster together more in each mixed-sex school in the survey.

26 Jul 2018 12:57 PM

Men are affected more by marital conflicts than women

Confrontation regarding children, money and in-laws can raise levels of stress hormones that cause problems.

17 Jul 2018 6:31 PM

Drinking responsibly is the secret to good health: Study

Previous studies have shown that convincing people to change their behaviour requires a comprehensive approach.

17 Jul 2018 11:27 AM