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rs 500 notes

RBI using 'sophisticated' machines to test 'genuineness' of demonetised currency

Earlier, the media reported the bank's RTI statement saying it was not using machines to count the scrapped currency.

11 Sep 2017 10:08 AM

RBI says received 99 per cent of scrapped Rs 500/1000 notes worth Rs 15.2 lakh cr

Govt cancelled Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency notes as part of drive against black money and tax evasion.

30 Aug 2017 5:56 PM

Rajya Sabha din on ‘2 types’ of Rs 500, Rs 2,000 notes

The Congress claimed never before has the “credibility of the currency in circulation been challenged like this as today”.

09 Aug 2017 2:16 AM

Biggest scam of century: Cong questions 2 sizes of Rs 500, 2000 notes

Deputy Chairman P J Kurien said even if there are two types of notes, it cannot be a point of order.

08 Aug 2017 2:11 PM

RBI issues new batch of Rs 500 notes to boost supply

There is no major change in design of these notes in comparison to the earlier issued notes.

13 Jun 2017 2:04 PM


Rs 500, Rs 2000 notes were in stock before DeMo: RBI

Urjit Patel says no records of talks between RBI and govt on note ban were maintained because of secrecy.

27 Apr 2017 6:59 PM

Know cost of printing Rs 2,000 and Rs 500 notes

Govt had scrapped Rs 15 lakh crore worth of old Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes in November last year.

15 Mar 2017 5:23 PM

Madhya Pradesh: Man gets Rs 500 notes with one-side blank

The bank officials, however, said the misprinted notes were received as such from the Reserve Bank of India.

12 Jan 2017 4:27 PM

Govt drops jail term for holding more than 10 old notes

Govt made a U-turn on 4-year jail term but will continue with the plan to impose a fine of up to Rs 50,000 for holding Rs 500/1000 notes.

29 Dec 2016 7:14 PM

Govt plans heavy fine on possession of demonetised notes

The penal provisions, which are yet to be finalised, will involve a fine of a minimum Rs 50,000 or 5 times the amount in question.

26 Dec 2016 7:59 PM


Demonetisation: SC refuses to extend use of old Rs 500 notes

Refers petitions to five-judge Constitution bench by framing 9 questions for adjudication.

16 Dec 2016 11:39 AM

2 lakh ATMs recalibrated, focus now on printing Rs 500 notes: Govt

Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das also said that the new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes are difficult to counterfeit.

15 Dec 2016 6:40 PM

Only old Rs 500 notes allowed for transactions in exempted categories: Govt

There will be no over-the-counter exchange of old notes after midnight tonight, while Rs 1000 notes will not be accepted anywhere.

24 Nov 2016 8:58 PM

Govt extends exemption on toll tax, other concessions likely today

The government on Wednesday told the Supreme Court that it may give yet another extension if it thinks it was required.

24 Nov 2016 4:21 PM

Govt allows farmers to use old notes for buying seeds

Meanwhile, RBI said that holders of current, overdraft or cash credit accounts may now withdraw up to Rs 50,000 in cash per week.

21 Nov 2016 2:47 PM


Demonetisation a bold and gutsy move: USIBC

Modi has demonstrated once again the ability to 'Think the Unthinkable'.

19 Nov 2016 4:05 PM

RBI refuses to reveal details on new Rs 500 notes, cites security reasons

The decision to ban DCCBs from exchanging notes was made apprehending malpractices.

18 Nov 2016 4:39 PM

Details on release of new Rs 500 notes not possible: RBI

The decision to ban DCCBs from exchanging notes was made apprehending malpractices.

18 Nov 2016 3:48 PM

Kolkata: 2 sacks of torn banned notes found in garbage vat

Police said they are examining these notes and trying to find out their origin.

13 Nov 2016 5:14 PM

Indians find way out as black money noose tightens

Being found to be holding undeclared cash can lead to a penalty of 200 per cent of the tax owed.

12 Nov 2016 10:42 AM