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Rahul Gandhi trying to build political career by spreading lies on Rafale deal: BJP

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said Rahul Gandhi has been lying and mocking national security.

11 Oct 2018 7:56 PM

Aadhaar verdict big victory for pro-poor Modi government: BJP

Sambit Patra said the court has ruled that Aadhaar is safe. The verdict has also exposed the Congress, he claimed.

26 Sep 2018 1:10 PM

Congress kept Rafale deal hanging for Vadra: BJP

Vadra has been denying these allegations and has accused the Modi government of political vendetta.

26 Sep 2018 1:03 AM

Ready to face torture, confident will come out clean: Shivakumar

DK Shivakumar accused BJP of misusing central agencies to harass him and pull down the Congress-JDS government in Karnataka.

20 Sep 2018 9:11 AM

Triple talaq ordinance huge step towards women empowerment: BJP

The Union cabinet cleared an ordinance to make the practice of instant triple talaq a penal offence on Wednesday.

19 Sep 2018 3:24 PM


Disintegration and dissent are different: BJP

Meanwhile voices across the social and political spectrum condemned the arrests made.

30 Aug 2018 6:55 AM

Congress led best decade for growth since Independence: P Chidambaram

Chidambaram said that 'three finance ministers are handling the economy at present - a de-facto, a de-jure and an invisible one'.

19 Aug 2018 7:42 PM

After Rahul says he doesn't believe in Hindutva, BJP accuses him of humiliating Hindus

Sambit Patra said his comments indicated that he was an 'ichchhadhari Hindu' who became 'janeu-dhari' for political convenience.

14 Aug 2018 7:59 PM

Every act of corruption leads to Gandhis: Sambit Patra

Taking a dig at the CWC members over allegations of corruption they face, he said it is “corruption wali committee”.

05 Aug 2018 6:14 AM

BJP says Rahul poor performer as Congress chief

Patra said those who had driven this country in reverse gear for 10 years, should not make such a comment.

23 Jul 2018 12:50 AM


Rahul Gandhi in competition with Owaisi to usurp Jinnah’s legacy: BJP

BJP said Rahul Gandhi's tweet that he stands with last person in line as 'confession' of his reported remarks that Congress is for Muslims.

17 Jul 2018 7:42 PM

As BJP seeks apology, Shashi Tharoor defends ‘Hindu Pakistan’ remark

Congress distanced itself from Tharoor’s remarks and said: 'It is a stance he has taken in his own personal capacity'.

12 Jul 2018 3:53 PM

If BJP wins 2019 polls, India will become ‘Hindu Pakistan’, says Shashi Tharoor

Tharoor had said that the BJP will write a new constitution, making India less tolerant and inclusive.

12 Jul 2018 7:40 AM

Why is Rahul Gandhi silent on I-T notice to Robert Vadra, asks BJP

Income Tax department had issued a notice to Vadra, his firm Skylight Hospitality to pay arrears worth Rs 25 Cr for yr 2010-11.

27 Jun 2018 7:33 PM

BJP: Congress using dalits as tools to spread violence

He said the letter was a means of communication as to how violence can be perpetrated.

08 Jun 2018 1:43 AM


Mantri compares Opposition to Osama

Opposition leaders condemned the BJP leaders statements and advised them that there “is a line of civility in politics which one must not cross”.

05 Jun 2018 12:50 AM

Rahul Gandhi alleges RSS, BJP dogma behind TN protest killings

This came in the wake of a proposal seeking to bring in major changes in the allocation of services to candidates who clear the all-India examination.

24 May 2018 2:08 AM

Reporters' Diary: BJP’s shouting brigade

While Indian sports lovers are currently glued to the IPL, an effort is on to showcase India’s traditional sports at the international level.

07 May 2018 6:51 AM

We have to be catalysts of change to deliver: Manish Sisodia

“Who knows better than a spokesperson about being a gladiator”, but this is the beauty of democracy.

21 Apr 2018 2:45 AM

BJP slams Congress after Mecca verdict

Saffron party targets Cong for ‘appeasement politics’ & attempt to ‘defame Hindus’.

17 Apr 2018 12:47 AM