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sign language

Ranveer reaches out to the hearing impaired

Ranveer Singh has been constantly urging authorities to declare Indian Sign Language (ISL) as the 23rd official language of India

18 Sep 2020 8:53 AM

Dyslexic teenager uses sign language to help blind and deaf man on flight

Clara Daly, 15, has become online sensation after helping a deaf and blind man.

25 Jun 2018 9:50 AM

Farewell Koko: Gorilla who proved animals can talk to us, no more

Gorilla Foundation says Koko died in her sleep at foundation's preserve in California's Santa Cruz mountains on Tuesday.

22 Jun 2018 11:42 AM

Study says sign language relies on same area of brain as verbal speech

Their report is the first of its kind to prove the association between the two communication forms.

05 Apr 2018 9:11 PM

Orangutan that used sign language dies

He was well-known for his knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL).

08 Aug 2017 7:33 PM