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Police warns parents about new 'Snap Map' feature on Snapchat

The new location-sharing feature could be used for stalking, police warned parents.

24 Jun 2017 3:50 PM

Skype gets much-needed hype

Skype on its official blog says it is “introducing the next generation of Skype.”

04 Jun 2017 12:20 AM

Snapchat's 'Spectacles' go on sale in Europe

The sunglasses, which can record short videos of between 10 and 30 seconds and share them via Snapchat, will be sold via "Snapbots".

02 Jun 2017 8:28 PM

Microsoft's Skype draws inspiration from Snapchat in big redesign

The Microsoft communications service on Thursday announced "highlights" a feature that lets customers snap photos and videos.

02 Jun 2017 8:10 AM

Snapchat to update its app with 'Custom story' feature

The app is planning on adding new functionality for its ‘Stories’ feature.

26 May 2017 2:25 PM


Snapchat, Instagram help AR market grow

A new report by eMarketer said some 40 million Americans will engage with augmented reality monthly in 2017.

24 May 2017 8:36 AM

Augmented reality gains led by Snapchat: researchers

Augmented reality is seeing strong gains among Americans thanks to social networks like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

22 May 2017 4:59 PM

US teen challenges friend to fight, then beats him to death, uploads audio on Snapchat

The incident took place when Sanchez challenged his friend Maithem Alfuraiji, 20, for a fight to the death.

17 May 2017 4:32 PM

Face-tracking filters now available on Instagram

Apart from new filters, users can also rewind videos and use hashtag stickers.

17 May 2017 9:27 AM

Less than picture perfect: Snap slumps on slowing user growth

Snap, which calls itself a camera company, posted its debut quarterly scorecard following its hugely successful IPO in March

11 May 2017 7:49 PM


Snap shares plummet as investors mark down first earnings report

Snap's shares tumbled 23 per cent in after-hours trading to wipe some $6 billion from it's market value

11 May 2017 9:08 AM

Snapchat’s brings feature that lets users replay video and images in an infinite loop

The app's new Infinity feature lets users add 'limitless snaps' and 'looping videos' for the first time.

10 May 2017 9:50 AM

Get ready for a VR obsessed Facebook on your smartphone

The Facebook Annual Conference envisions a virtual reality future for Facebook, launches a Facebook Spaces app for Oculus users.

19 Apr 2017 8:19 AM

Snap stock falls as alleged CEO comments rile some on social media

The dip put Snap on track to close at its lowest level in nearly a month, a bad sign following its $3.4 billion public listing in 3 years.

18 Apr 2017 8:41 AM

Alia Bhatt is convinced Snapchat CEO didn't make controversial comment

While other Bollywood stars took a diplomatic stand on the issue, Alia came out in Evan Spiegel's support.

17 Apr 2017 11:00 AM


Netizens uninstall Snapdeal app instead of Snapchat

Interestingly, a section of Internet users mistook Snapchat to be Snapdeal and uninstalled the e-commerce app of the latter.

16 Apr 2017 9:18 PM

Evan Spiegel’s calls India 'poor', Snapchat ratings plummet

The rating for the app on the Android Play Store was a four-star (based on over 11 million ratings)

16 Apr 2017 4:48 PM

Facebook copies Snapchat to stay ahead in competition

A new report claims that Facebook imitates Snapchat to stay ahead of competition.

12 Apr 2017 3:04 PM

Snapchat adds more accessible search feature

Snapchat will enable users to search for photos and videos known as "Snaps" posted to the "Our Story" option on the app.

01 Apr 2017 8:12 AM

Facebook adds camera features, moving closer to Snapchat

Users will be able to share a picture privately with a friend, rather than to all of their friends

29 Mar 2017 8:13 AM