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Solar energy

India's renewable energy cost lowest in Asia Pacific: report

India is the second-largest power market in Asia Pacific with installed power capacity of 421 gigawatts (GW).

29 Jul 2019 2:08 PM

Age no bar for courage

Meet Grandma Ca: The 99-year-old standing up to Vietnam's coal rush.

22 May 2019 6:55 PM

Farmers in Haryana to get 44,000 pending tube-well connections in 6 months

The farmers will receive the tube well connections within the next 6 months, which have been pending since January 1, 2014.

28 Dec 2018 1:32 PM

Kejriwal announces solar energy scheme to increase farmer incomes

According to scheme, approved by Delhi Cabinet, maximum of one-third surface area of farm land can be used for installation of solar panels.

25 Jul 2018 12:58 PM

Adopting solar power can help you earn money

Consumers can feed surplus power into the state’s power grid and receive a credit on the bill.

30 Jun 2018 1:37 PM


43.7 pc of electricity needs met through renewable energy, says Infosys

The Bengaluru-based company has an installed capacity of 46.1 megawatt (MW) of solar energy across the country, it added.

19 Jun 2018 4:50 PM

India is the 3rd largest solar market in the world, says Mercom

India emerged as the third largest solar market in the world in 2017 behind China and the US.

15 May 2018 3:54 PM

Corporate funding in solar sector declines 65 pc to USD 2 bn: Expert

The global solar sector witnessed total corporate funding of USD 2 billion in the first three months of 2018.

29 Apr 2018 12:49 PM

Spot power prices to be around Rs 4 per unit in May, June: Experts

Wind energy generation achieves optimum levels in May and June due to the weather system.

29 Apr 2018 12:26 PM

Sun helps society in Kandivali cut power bills by 50 per cent

The move came after the society resolved to move to a cleaner energy that also does not create a hole in the pockets.

17 Feb 2018 4:44 AM


Trouble in Paradise? US-India solar power dispute reignited in WTO

If India is found not to have complied, Washington could ask the WTO for permission to impose trade sanctions on India.

20 Dec 2017 6:43 PM

Slew of amenities set to be inaugurated

The lifts will greatly help senior citizens.

13 Dec 2017 3:24 AM

Printed bacteria used to create solar cells

Researchers showed that inkjet printing can be used to print both the carbon nanotube electrode surface and the cyanobacteria on top of it

28 Nov 2017 3:29 PM

Jordan opens world's largest solar park for refugee camp

The 4,000 solar panels with a total capacity of 12.9 megawatts are designed to provide 14 hours of electricity a day.

14 Nov 2017 2:21 PM

Solar power offers lifeline to Rohingyas in Bangladesh refugee camps

Without electricity and water, the sun stands out as an important source of energy.

19 Oct 2017 3:29 PM


The Eco logical oorean

Diwali is the time to start afresh, and what better way to ring in prosperity than to go eco with your home and festive preparations?

10 Oct 2017 12:11 AM

Solar eclipse offers millions a chance at citizen science

NASA is reminding people to take eye safety precautions because it is never safe to look at the Sun during an eclipse.

22 Jul 2017 8:33 AM

Indian solar equipment makers under threat from Chinese competitors

Indian solar equipment market faces crisis as Chinese competitors gain from India's growing renewable energy needs.

05 Jun 2017 2:01 PM

American futurist says petrol will cost less than Rs 30

Tony Seba is known for rightly saying solar power sector will see a boom when prices were really high.

25 May 2017 5:59 PM

Green: Sunny days ahead for clean energy

The kind of power a country uses determines its progress and advancement as a nation.

09 Apr 2017 6:07 AM