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JVC launches ‘Hip Hop Boomblaster RV-Y 40' speaker

The speaker houses 30W RMS with 360-degree surround and a dual bass reflex design.

27 Apr 2018 4:41 PM

Xander Audios (XA) unveils its LED TV series and Stealth-2 audio gear

With the LED-TV series, XA has launched three models – XA-9430 (43-inch), XA-9320 (32-inch), and XA-9240 (24-inch).

14 Apr 2018 4:16 PM

JVC launches its first Bluetooth speaker in India

It comes with a matte finish for extra durability and has a hands-free functioning.

26 Mar 2018 9:26 PM

Astrum launches its BT Clock LED speaker, ST250

The speaker features touch controllability, inbuilt alarm clock and temperature display options.

26 Mar 2018 9:00 PM

JVC unveils its first Tower Speaker, TH DKN80

Priced at Rs 15,999, this dual tower 8-inch speaker comes in a wooden cabinet with matte-finish.

27 Feb 2018 1:10 PM


SoundBot portable speaker with QUADIO technology launched

The company claims that it is a surround sound Bluetooth speaker with intuitive QUADIO technology.

21 Feb 2018 4:34 PM

PTron unveils its Bluetooth Mini Speaker

The PTron Sonor is priced at Rs 999.

31 Jan 2018 3:31 PM

Portronics ‘My Buddy Lite’ launched

The company is also known to make power banks and portable Bluetooth speakers, mobile and computer accessories in India.

31 Jan 2018 9:58 AM

X-mini launches vintage-inspired portable speakers

The company has time and again introduced portable speakers in the market with advanced technologies imbibed them.

30 Jan 2018 12:11 PM

Google acknowledges its Home Max device is killing WiFi Networks

After numerous complaints from users in Google Product Forums, Google has finally admitted its premium Home Max device glitch.

14 Jan 2018 6:49 PM


Bose speakers found vulnerable to remote hacking

Researchers at Trend Micro have discovered how were Sonos and Bose’s internet-connected speakers remotely hacked.

30 Dec 2017 4:58 PM

How to keep your smartened-up home safe from hackers

Experts reveal some simple tips to keep everything from speakers to door locks secure.

30 Dec 2017 9:21 AM

iBall launches new wooden 'EduSound i5' speakers

The new wooden speakers come with a price tag of Rs 2,999 and are available for purchase.

21 Dec 2017 2:46 PM

Samsung to unveil new wall-mountable Soundbar at CES 2018

The NW700 Soundbar Sound+ is wall-mountable and has a built-in woofer.

20 Dec 2017 5:49 PM

Sony updates its home audio line-up with two new speakers: SA-D40 and SA-D20

The SA-D40 supports 4.1 channels configuration with upto 80W of output, while the SA-D20 delivers 60W of output with 2.1 channel setup.

14 Dec 2017 2:45 PM


Enhance the audio within your car with Blaupunkt’s GTb 8200 A

The Blaupunkt GTb 8200 A will definitely add a little punch to an otherwise lifeless factory speaker/sub setup in your car.

04 Mar 2017 2:42 PM

ZOOOK Rocker Torpedo: Take your music anywhere

Priced at Rs 4,999, the ZOOOK will ensure your party lasts long and everyone is rocking.

28 Dec 2016 12:38 PM