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Steve Jobs

Floppy disk with Steve Jobs' autograph valued at USD 7,500

The floppy disk contains Macintosh System Tools 6.0 software, dating back to 1988.

28 Nov 2019 8:04 AM

Mystic Mantra: ‘Enlightenment cannot be reduced to technology’

This flawed thinking gives people the idea that technology is the only way to be successful.

23 Sep 2019 1:23 AM

Toy Story original poster signed by Steve Jobs fetches this much USD; find out

Jobs, who served as an acting chairman for Pixar, was the executive producer of the original Toy Story, Cnet reports.

04 Sep 2019 9:03 AM

Steve Jobs may be rolling in his grave regarding Apple’s current scenario

Apple is having a tough time these days as they are failing to keep their products under wraps.

24 Aug 2019 3:14 PM

Steve Jobs to Scott Forstall: Where is Apple’s iconic 2007 iPhone dream team now?

If you ever have owned any one of Apple’s products, there is a high chance that one or more of these men played a part in them.

22 Jul 2019 9:43 AM


Bill Gates: Steve Jobs channelled inner Harry Potter to keep Apple alive

Bill Gates says Steve Job cast spells when Apple was on a path to die to become the world’s most valuable company.

08 Jul 2019 11:43 AM

Apple self-driving car layoffs give hints to division's direction

The tech firm said it planned to lay off people from eight different Santa Clara County facilities near its headquarters.

28 Feb 2019 10:42 AM

Rare Apple-1 computer auctioned for USD 3,75,000

This Apple-1 is one of only 60-70 remaining of the original 200 that were designed and built by Jobs and Wozniak.

26 Sep 2018 1:26 PM

He’s the one: Why Tesla must succeed

And then there was the maudlin interview with the New York Times that set him back further.

02 Sep 2018 6:27 AM

$1-trillion Apple proof of a world transformed

It makes premium lifestyle products that made an impact as a brand, and is a pointer to how the world has changed forever.

04 Aug 2018 1:40 AM


Steve Jobs lied to daughter about name of Apple Lisa

Lisa-Brennan Jobs reveals that her father lied to her until she was 27 and U2 founder Bono exposed the truth.

03 Aug 2018 1:01 PM

Steve Jobs pre-Apple job application fetches $174,000 at auction

The document does not state what position or company the application was intended for.

19 Mar 2018 11:10 AM

Addiction: Smartphones — How much is too much?

As smartphones get smarter, it is getting impossible for people to be without their devices.

29 Jan 2018 2:11 AM

FDA clears radioactive drug for cancer that killed Steve Jobs

Learn more about the drug.

28 Jan 2018 7:10 PM

Holy Cow! Google to acquire Apple for $9 billion. Is it true?

The article reported about a merger, where a Google Executive had secret talks with Steve Jobs in 2010 to firm up the deal.

11 Oct 2017 1:01 PM


Apple all set to renew iPhone look at age 10

The keenly anticipated media event on September 12 will be the first in the Steve Jobs Theater.

11 Sep 2017 8:15 AM

Apple's iPhone turns 10, bumpy start forgotten

After sluggish initial sales, Apple slashed the price to spur holiday sales that year.

29 Jun 2017 7:45 AM

Apple also made shoes in the 90's

The pair of sneakers was given to Apple employees in the 90’s and will be sold in an eBay auction.

08 Jun 2017 5:50 PM

Apple names 'Theater' after Steve Jobs on his birthday

The theater at newly built Apple campus called Apple Park will be named the Steve Jobs Theater.

24 Feb 2017 12:37 PM

Dare to be yourself

Sometimes the public image can be so real, that no one gets to know the real person.

23 Feb 2017 12:28 AM