Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022 | Last Update : 06:39 PM IST

Steve Wozniak

Bitcoin scams misusing big names plague YouTube, Steve Wozniak sues Google's video platform

Similar to the Twitter hacking, YouTube videos using Wozniak’s, Bill Gates’ and Elon Musk’s photos tricked people out of their bitcoin.

24 Jul 2020 4:19 PM

Apple co-founder says Apple Card algorithm gave wife lower credit limit

On Saturday, Wozniak chimed in with a similar experience, saying he got 10 times more credit on the card, compared with his wife.

11 Nov 2019 12:54 PM

Rare Apple-1 computer auctioned for USD 3,75,000

This Apple-1 is one of only 60-70 remaining of the original 200 that were designed and built by Jobs and Wozniak.

26 Sep 2018 1:26 PM

Apple Co-founder shuts down his Facebook account

In an email to USA Today, Wozniak says Facebook makes a lot of advertising money from personal details provided by users.

09 Apr 2018 6:20 PM

Steve ruffles feathers!

When Steve Wozniak recently made sweeping remarks about the lack of creativity in India, he understandably set off a backlash.

09 Mar 2018 12:11 AM