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Ozone layer declining over populated zones: study

Two possible suspects for this worrying trend stand out, the study concluded.

07 Feb 2018 3:13 PM

Ozone layer declining over populated zones, says study

Ozone in the lower stratosphere is slowly disintegrating, an international team of two dozen researchers warned.

07 Feb 2018 8:01 AM

First test flight of stratospheric solar plane

Pilot Damian Hischier took the craft for a seven-minute test flight, reaching an altitude of 300 metres (nearly 1,000 feet)

05 May 2017 9:21 PM

NASA delays super pressure balloon launch due to bad weather

This was the third scheduled launch attempt for NASA's 2017 Wanaka Balloon Campaign from New Zealand.

11 Apr 2017 7:54 AM