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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the first bisexual Superman

The coming out of America's most famous superhero comes as more comic books embrace diversity

12 Oct 2021 7:14 PM

Superman's cape sells for nearly USD 200,000 at Hollywood auction

Only six capes in total were used while shooting the film, which came out in 1978.

17 Dec 2019 10:32 AM

'Hollywood Superman' Christopher Dennis passes away at 52

The actor-performer appeared several times on the popular 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' show.

07 Nov 2019 11:36 AM

Indian artist redraws Spider-Man in a thong to highlight sexism

Images are part of a set of revamped comic book covers that aim to highlight the “sexist” depiction of superheroines.

09 Aug 2018 8:33 AM

Here's how you can almost become Superman

Scientists have created contact lenses that let you shoot lasers from your eyes.

02 May 2018 6:02 PM


UP Police uses comic heroes to create traffic awareness

The interesting series of tweets shows superman following traffic signals while chasing villains.

09 Nov 2017 5:31 AM

Memes help cops talk to youth

The younger lot, are not only having a smile on their faces but are also getting a hang of the consequences of various wrongdoings.

18 Oct 2017 1:26 AM

Superman fights white supremacists in new comic book

DC Comics superhero, in new ‘Man of Steel’ comics is seen protecting hard-working immigrants from white supremacist bullies.

15 Sep 2017 11:53 AM

Ryan Gosling to star in new Superman film?

'Wonder Woman' director Patty Jenkins has her eyes on a Superman film and she wants to cast Ryan Gosling in it.

03 Jun 2017 12:36 PM

Game for some great fighting?

Big budget fighting games are a rarity these days but Injustice 2 packs it all with a punch.

24 May 2017 12:27 AM


Veteran actor Clifton James passes away at the age of 96

James is survived by his sisters, Cicely and Beverley and his five children, Cory, Winkie, Hardy, Lynn, and Mary.

16 Apr 2017 5:04 PM

Here’s looking at you, ladies

Women have touched every aspect of our lives, and nothing has been too simple or too complex to tackle for the female mind.

08 Mar 2017 12:17 AM

Cosplay combat

Nine finalists from various cities will lock horns.

10 Feb 2017 4:20 AM