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Tesla's Sentry Mode helps police nab burglar

The Sentry Mode allowed the police to see the video of 21-year-old Jeremiah Jefferson who broke into a backseat window of the Tesla.

10 Apr 2019 11:03 AM

Fiat Chrysler to pay Tesla hundreds of millions of euros to pool fleet

Tesla recently began delivering its new Model 3 to international markets in China and Europe.

09 Apr 2019 2:53 PM

SEC steps on Tesla 'reasonable' to prevent problems

The SEC had asked US District Judge Alison Nathan to hold Musk in contempt over a February 19 tweet.

09 Apr 2019 2:20 PM

Elon Musk explains Tesla Model 3's inside camera

Musk explained that the camera on the inside is to help Tesla compete with Uber and Lyft in the future.

07 Apr 2019 11:51 AM

Elon Musk, unabridged, on Twitter

The SEC accused Musk of violating his Oct. 2018 fraud settlement with the regulator by posting an update about Tesla’s production outlook.

05 Apr 2019 2:18 PM


Elon Musk safe for now as US judge urges Tesla CEO, SEC to end tweet dispute

The hearing appeared to lift an overhang over Tesla, as the SEC stopped well short of recommending Musk’s removal as chief executive.

05 Apr 2019 1:36 PM

Tesla deliveries drop due to challenges shipping to Europe and China

Tesla, whose delivery numbers missed analysts’ expectations, said it had only delivered half of the quarter’s numbers by March 21.

04 Apr 2019 2:50 PM

Tesla boom lifts Norway's electric car sales to record market share

Exempting battery engines from taxes imposed on diesel and petrol cars has upended Norway’s auto market, elevating brands like Tesla.

02 Apr 2019 1:27 PM

Tesla will pay USD 31,000 to settle US EPA hazardous waste claims

The EPA said in a statement that Tesla will take specific steps to properly manage hazardous wastes at its factory.

02 Apr 2019 12:09 PM

Tesla, Elon Musk win dismissal of lawsuit over Model 3 production

US District Judge Charles Breyer sided with Tesla, granting the electric vehicle company dismissal of the lawsuit brought in October 2017.

26 Mar 2019 11:11 AM


Tesla sues former employees for allegedly stealing data, Autopilot source code

Tesla lawyers filed a lawsuit against four former employees.

22 Mar 2019 10:07 AM

Elon Musk never sought approval for a single Tesla tweet, US SEC tells judge

The Securities and Exchange Commission is doubling down on the government’s demand to find Musk in contempt of a previous fraud settlement.

19 Mar 2019 10:29 AM

Cash, demand concerns overshadow Tesla's SUV launch

It seems to be another distraction tactic presenting a new model and (to) divert from the problems with the other cars.

17 Mar 2019 12:51 PM

Tesla unveils Model Y for $39,000

The vehicles can be configured to include 7 seats for an additional $3,000.

16 Mar 2019 10:11 AM

Tesla to unveil Model Y SUV

Promises a much-awaited crossover that will face competition from EU car makers.

15 Mar 2019 9:43 AM


Elon Musk's defense of his Tesla tweet will get SEC response

The SEC had asked the court to hold Musk in contempt.

13 Mar 2019 9:43 AM

Tesla in talks with China's CATL for rechargeable batteries: Bloomberg

Tesla declined to comment and CATL did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the report.

11 Mar 2019 5:35 PM

Shanghai Construction Group to build first phase of Tesla's Shanghai plant

A Shanghai city government official said that they expect Tesla’s vehicle assembly facility to be completed in May this year.

07 Mar 2019 10:08 AM

Tesla blames misprinted label for China customs hiccup

The first shipment of Model 3 cars arrived in Shanghai on Feb. 22.

06 Mar 2019 10:00 AM

Elon Musk says USD 35,000 Model 3 to reach volume production mid-year

Extremely difficult to predict middle part of manufacturing S-curve," Musk said in response to a tweet here.

05 Mar 2019 4:54 PM