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Hidden Android tricks every smartphone user should know

These tricks will help speed up your Android handset when you feel it has gotten a bit sluggish.

02 Jul 2019 11:09 AM

Top tips from Google on World Password Day

There’s a problem with Passwords: even if you have the strongest one, if a bad guy obtains it, they can access your account.

01 May 2019 6:30 PM

Apple shows you how to celebrate this Holi with iPhone

Tips and tricks for capturing the best possible photos this Holi.

18 Mar 2019 3:14 PM

Did you know you are using AI in 13 different ways?

The ability to learn patterns, called machine learning, makes your life easier in many ways.

05 May 2018 9:47 AM

Here are 8 tips to deal with body odour this summer

Excessive sweating could be caused due to stress, exercise, excitement, diet, poor hygiene, hormonal imbalance, and soaring temperatures.

02 Apr 2018 7:43 AM


16 professional photography tips for Holi using Apple iPhone X

If you think you are a noob in photography, fear not — we have you covered.

27 Feb 2018 3:07 PM

Five ways to ensure a budget-friendly e-shopping experience

Most of shopping websites give an option for giving feedback for purchased products and rating them online.

16 Feb 2018 4:52 PM

Expert shares 5 tips to make your day Valentine's Day sizzle

Here are a few alternative ideas for V-Day if you are bored of doing the usual stuff.

14 Feb 2018 1:08 PM

Style expert Meha Bharagava shared Diwali fashion tips

Wedding stylist, image consultant and founder of Styl.Inc shares her insights and tips to look fashionable best this Diwali.

17 Oct 2017 4:46 PM

Playing poker online and live, expert shares tips on winning this Diwali

Poker star Aditya Agarwal talks about his journey in game and why should you choose game according to bankroll this festive season.

13 Oct 2017 2:37 PM


Here is how you can fast healthy during Navratri

From avoiding sugar to keeping hydrated, it is impertinent to follow a few simple rules to have a hassle free Navratri.

25 Sep 2017 8:51 AM

Here's how you can super-charge your iPhone

Follow these tips and save your phone from draining out of battery, in double speed-time.

24 Apr 2017 3:12 PM

8 camera tricks that will help you capture unique photos

Here are some great tips and tricks for getting some really awesome photos on the fly.

30 Jan 2017 12:33 PM