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University of Leeds

World's thinnest '2D' gold measures just two atoms

Scientists have created the world's thinnest gold measuring two atoms thick or million times thinner than a fingernail.

07 Aug 2019 7:31 AM

Scientists reveal the way blood clots reduce the chance of infection

Clotting is a vital process to prevent life-threatening blood loss following an injury.

14 Jul 2018 4:45 PM

Better eye-to-hand coordination could make kids smarter: Study

The children's interceptive timing skills tended to predict their attainment in mathematics.

11 Jul 2018 3:20 PM

Vaseline may not help cuts and scrapes get better, says study

While experts say Vaseline prevents scabs so injuries are less itchy and heal faster, study finds it stops body forming natural plaster.

27 Jun 2018 1:53 PM

Virus that can help treat brain tumours identified

The research demonstrated that the virus could be administered through a single-dose intravenous drip.

04 Jan 2018 4:14 PM