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Volcano gushing ash over Bali closes airport for a 2nd day

Volcanic ash poses a deadly threat to aircraft, and ash from Agung is moving south-southwest toward the airport.

29 Nov 2017 2:17 PM

Indonesia volcano forces mass evacuation, shuts Bali airport

The extension of the danger zone affected around 22 villages and about 90,000 to 100,000 people.

27 Nov 2017 7:12 PM

Climate change could increase volcano eruptions, says study

Study finds that there was less volcanic activity in Iceland when glacier cover was more extensive.

24 Nov 2017 12:24 PM

Russia launches European atmosphere monitoring satellite

The mission will contribute to volcanic ash monitoring for aviation safety and for services that warn of high levels of UV radiation.

14 Oct 2017 11:07 AM

'RING OF FIRE' Volcanos remind Asia of seismic peril

More than 1,40,000 people fled Mount Agung on the Indonesian Island of Bali after its alert status was raised to the highest level.

13 Oct 2017 2:26 PM


An American woman is on a mission to rescue strays from Bali volcano

Californian woman is making daily forays around volcano to feed hungry temple dogs and rescue mutts left behind by fleeing communities.

03 Oct 2017 2:06 PM

Erupting volcano forces 6,000 evacuations on Vanuatu island

Vanuatu is home to around 280,000 people.

26 Sep 2017 3:10 PM

Lunar robots put to the test on Europe's most active volcano

A robot wheels across a rocky, windswept landscape that looks like the surface of some distant planet from a science fiction film.

05 Jul 2017 7:54 AM

Indonesia: Aid helicopter crashes after volcano erupts; 8 killed

The helicopter reportedly hit a cliff about 3 minutes from arriving at Dieng Plateau, where a volcanic erupted injuring at least 10 people.

03 Jul 2017 7:59 AM

A volcanic meal for the French soul

A chance talk takes the writer atop a young volcano, only to make new friends and memories.

02 Jul 2017 6:02 AM


Mars volcano died the same time as dinosaurs

Giant volcano Arsia Mons produced one new lava flow every one to three million years.

22 Mar 2017 6:35 AM

India's only live volcano active again after 150 years

Barren Island has started spewing ash first time after showing promise in 1991

18 Feb 2017 12:04 PM

Scientists record live underwater volcano

The active Axial Seamount volcano is in the Juan de Fuca Ridge

17 Dec 2016 4:31 PM