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Diving into the lost art

An exhibition that explores the lost art of printmaking and the connection to Mexico.

26 Jun 2019 11:48 PM

Culture & art need a real push from govt

Cities and towns can look beautiful and arty if artists can be involved in the aesthetic process to create works of public art.

26 Jun 2019 1:38 AM

All under one roof

The artists on display are Santanu Sarkar, who feels at peace only when he portrays his afflictions on his canvas.

26 Jun 2019 12:52 AM

Remembering the great master

The National Gallery of Modern Art has showcased the masterpieces of Upendra Maharathi, a great architect, artist, weaver and master craftsman.

26 Jun 2019 12:52 AM

Varied facial expressions

Titled Rasa, the exhibition is Ravinder’s first in Kolkata.

26 Jun 2019 12:52 AM


A Slice of the polish pie

An exhibition showcases posters that are a mere depiction of Polish history and culture in the 19th and the 20th Centur

23 Jun 2019 1:41 AM

Zindagi through dance

Created by Indo-Belgian production BeMad, this dance-drama is a mix of Indian classical dance, Bollywood and bits of international styles.

21 Jun 2019 2:19 AM

Boob art is taking the art world by storm

The female breast has always fascinated artists since time immemorial; and now it is taking a new form.

18 Jun 2019 1:26 PM

Love Transplant

A play that walks you through a love story that exists between a patient and a new organ.

18 Jun 2019 1:33 AM

Paucity of archival material threatens legacy of Kathakali dancer Shanta Rao

Some critics had observed in those days that her style was rather “masculine”.

17 Jun 2019 2:44 AM


Picasso’s “Birth of Genius” exhibition opens in China

China's largest ever Picasso exhibition, “Birth of a Genius”, opens.

15 Jun 2019 2:31 PM

In conversation with Hena Kapadia of TARQ

In four years, TARQ has not only focused on showcasing works by young artists, but is also an interactive space.

15 Jun 2019 12:11 AM

US Museum to exhibit rare 13-star flags

Rare 13-star flags going on display at Revolution museum.

14 Jun 2019 7:30 PM

A day with Peru’s Past

An exhibition showcasing artworks depicting the life in Peru under colonial past.

14 Jun 2019 12:42 AM

Artistes pay homage to a phenomenon called Balasaraswati: The great dancer

The singing, the Nattuvanar’s Jati recitation with the dancer’s rendition through movement, all in simultaneity, have to find perfect synchronisation.

12 Jun 2019 1:08 AM


Multimedia art to Jataka opera, a splurge of world premieres

The Dasjati or Ten Great Lives are an iconic part of the Buddhist scriptures, and each one tells the colourful life of a previous life of the Buddha.

10 Jun 2019 3:18 AM

Making waves at Cannes Film Festival

Modhura Palit from Kolkata becomes the first Indian to receive Angenieux Encouragement Award at the Cannes Film Festival 2019.

07 Jun 2019 7:43 PM

Museum of Natural History acquires Tyrannosaurus rex

Meet the Museum of Natural History’s newest guest: A T. rex.

05 Jun 2019 10:49 AM

Russia’s art market gets an impetus

Private collectors key to boosting Russia’s art market.

03 Jun 2019 11:04 AM

India’s Got Talent Too

Mumbai-based hip-hop group V Unbeatable talk about their journey to America’s Got Talent.

02 Jun 2019 12:12 AM