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  Life   More Features  10 Dec 2019

Life, More features, 10 Dec 2019

Aditya Om makes shocking film on taboo topic

Aditya Om’s last Hindi film Maassab won more than 25 awards in film festivals and is now gearing up for theatrical and digital release.

10 Dec 2019 10:44 PM

Recycling biotechnology by-products can enhance soil health

Studies reveal that recycling nutrient-rich industrial waste products enhances soil, reduces carbon.

10 Dec 2019 1:55 PM

An animated man

Before animation came to him, John had a major interest in puppetry.

10 Dec 2019 5:46 AM

Globetrotting with bestie

They know you inside out, and you might be ignoring them because you’re married. Well, take some time out and travel with your bestie. Here’s why.

10 Dec 2019 12:58 AM

Driving away the stigma

Stereotypes associated with women drivers happen to be poison that is yet to be drained out from our ‘progressive’ social stream.

10 Dec 2019 12:50 AM