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Patralekha Chatterjee | Don’t let hopes fall: Make jobs Budget’s top priority

In the pandemic’s third year, jobs must be the top priority. It’s not enough to depend on any trickle-down theory

28 Jan 2022 11:05 PM

Farrukh Dhondy | Of food ‘fatwiks’ & ‘jerky’ dishes: What’s ‘cultural appropriation’?

Some time ago, Jamie launched a ready-meal packet called Punchy Jerk Rice

28 Jan 2022 11:00 PM

Sanjeev Ahluwalia | Use Budget to offer relief, win back trust of farmers

Budgets in India, by and large, are mostly a grand occasion for initiating policy change

28 Jan 2022 2:45 AM

Maura Moynihan | Beijing ready for world’s biggest party: Genocide Games looming

The Chinese were awarded the 2008 Summer Olympic Games with the promise of 'improved human rights'

27 Jan 2022 3:54 AM

Mohan Guruswamy | RSS and freedom struggle: Still in search of genealogy

One now has to see the move to instal the statue of Subhas Chandra Bose in the vacant canopy on Rajpath as another act of misappropriation

27 Jan 2022 3:03 AM


Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay | Why Netaji is at centrestage: Will history bolster politics?

The improbable “return” of Netaji into India’s mainstream politics would have jeopardised the career paths of leaders of every hue

26 Jan 2022 2:25 AM

Dilip Cherian | Before Tata takeover, Air India gets new CMD

Clearly, the appointment of the 1993-batch officer is an indication that the takeover of Air India is delayed

26 Jan 2022 1:17 AM

Raja Karthikeya | The secret in 'Jana Gana Mana'

Tagore was apparently asked by a British friend to write a eulogy to King George V during his visit to India in 1911

25 Jan 2022 4:45 PM

Aakar Patel | Listen to what the world says: Step back from the precipice…

It is not safe to be dismissive about words like genocide, but unfortunately, that is what India is doing today

25 Jan 2022 12:06 AM

K.C. Singh | How absolutist policy can make a nation less secure

Taking the cue from Jia, one needs to ask whether viewing the region through the prism of 'absolute national security' is any longer useful?

24 Jan 2022 11:47 PM


Anita Katyal | Statue's location is a little curious; AAP starts trend of ‘CM face’ poll

Modi government decided to instal a statue of Subhas Chandra Bose under the colonial canopy at Delhi’s iconic India Gate

24 Jan 2022 2:25 AM

Sanjaya Baru | Pakistan’s ‘geo-economic’ pivot to national security

However, to be able to make use of this geo-economic opportunity, says the NSPP, Pakistan has to modernise its economy

24 Jan 2022 2:00 AM

Pavan K. Varma | PC is wrong; TMC offered Goa tie-up, didn’t hear back

Details such as seat sharing, & other modalities of fighting the election in alliance, would have followed, should the Congress have agreed

23 Jan 2022 3:00 AM

Ranjona Banerji | A streetcar named nostalgia

These two cities, as Bombay, Mumbai, Calcutta, Kolkata, define my life

23 Jan 2022 2:09 AM

Saeed Naqvi | Moscow’s brief foray doused Kazakh turmoil, hasn’t ended it

I run my eyes with wonder because the turbulence is totally incompatible with the image of serenity etched on my mind

23 Jan 2022 1:37 AM


Farrukh Dhondy | Truth and lies: A Sobhraj twist as BoJo faces more trouble…

The defection comes as BoJo’s participation in the decadent culture of the cabal of politicians and civil servants he runs from 10 Downing

22 Jan 2022 12:42 AM

Shobhaa De | I’m now designing my own Republic Day tableau, OK?

Why is Didi’s tableau rejected? And Stalin’s and Pinarayi Vijayan’s? Isn’t this a bit too blatant and obvious?

22 Jan 2022 12:09 AM

Dilip Cherian | Assam CM shows off his street cred, but ‘rebuke’ to IAS officer backfires

The incident got more airtime because the NCP decided to take up cudgels for the poor hapless officer caught in the episode

21 Jan 2022 2:19 AM

Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr | Why it’s tough to invest in India: Fix the bottlenecks

The challenge on the economic front now seems to be to place India as a strategic part of the global supply chain, a position China occupies

21 Jan 2022 1:57 AM

Chandrajit Banerjee | Budget must pave way for ambitious decadal growth

It should take forward big, bold reforms and root for policy predictability and stability

20 Jan 2022 2:58 AM