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Photographer by chance

Published : Oct 7, 2018, 12:50 am IST
Updated : Oct 7, 2018, 12:50 am IST

Devaraj Devan’s clicks explore the lesser-known side of Hampi, the amazing city of ruins in Karnataka.

Like mom like son
 Like mom like son

For Devaraj Devan, photography is life. He confesses that  circumstances helped him discover the photographer in him. “My  friend and I worked together at a studio and it wasn’t until he parted ways with me that I realised my passion for photography. My job was that of a designer who was involved in post-production works After he quit, it was just me, the camera and a lot of question marks. I started playing with the camera, took pictures and showed it to a few friends.

They were impressed. But after some time, the photographers I used to go to for tips, did not seem interested in teaching me. So I stopped asking for help. I decided to travel and eventually realised that I do have a photographer in me. My first camera was Nikon D90,” says the passionate photographer.

Strings of ruinsStrings of ruins

His life took a a turn when Devaraj visited Hampi in Karnataka. He met and befriended a few foreigners, one out of them becoming, literally, his lady luck. He requested her for a few clicks, with her jumping from atop a stone pillar.

City of joyCity of joy

“I call her the ‘Greek Deity’. That changed the course of my life. I don’t know anything about her. When I clicked her image, I felt like she was a goddess. Her attire actually matched the surroundings too,” recalls Devan. The image became hugely popular on on social media. It was also listed among the top 50 popular photographs on Instagram last year.  Soon, he shot to fame for the click and appeared in many magazines.

Mornings be likeMornings be like

Devaraj says he became a successful photographer due to his travels and interactions with people. “Knowing your surroundings, meeting people and exchanging ideas are the key. Those experiences helped me  become a better photographer and  a better person,” he adds.

No mountain highNo mountain high

He is currently working on woman-based theme, for a group exhibition planned for next year.

Dog Day MorningDog Day Morning

Soaking in the sunSoaking in the sun

Hampi’s own SagarHampi’s own Sagar

The Greek DeityThe Greek Deity


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