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Book Review | Classic Indian lad lit peppered with clichés

This novel is classic lad lit done Indian ‘ishtyle’

04 Feb 2023 11:41 PM

Book Review | Putin, America and the war on truth in Ukraine

Coming from a military historian such a view is astonishing given that all wars are brutal, including today’s faceless ones

04 Feb 2023 11:30 PM

Book Review | Book of everlasting Partition pain poignantly penned but lacks punch

Book review of 'The Book of Everlasting Things' by Aanchal Malhotra

29 Jan 2023 12:57 AM

Book Review | The art of being a writer

Review of of 'If I Could Tell You' by Soumya Bhattacharya.

29 Jan 2023 12:54 AM

Book Review | Fast-paced noir thriller hard not to enjoy

Review of 'Manjhi’s Mayhem' by Tanuj Solanki

29 Jan 2023 12:51 AM


Book Review | Sultan of swing reveals much in splendid memoir

Book Review of 'Sultan' By Wasim Akram and Gideon Haigh.

22 Jan 2023 1:30 AM

Book Review | Crime and punishment lurk as accidents in the kitchen corner

Book Review of 'The Paradise of Food' by Khalid Jawed

22 Jan 2023 1:27 AM

Book Review | How love altered fate of kings, changed history

Review of 'Roving Eyes: Love, Lust and Battles of Indian Royalty' by S. Mahesh

22 Jan 2023 1:25 AM

Interview | ‘I write every weekday unless I am teaching’: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Indian American Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni has published 'Mistress of Spices,' besides the much-feted 'Arranged Marriage.'

15 Jan 2023 12:43 AM

Book Review | Decoding the chip wars and the leverage America has on China

The US knows it will be a world leader only as long as it maintains its edge in semiconductors.

15 Jan 2023 12:42 AM


Book Review | A brief history of God

This evolving tapestry of stories linked across populations, continents and centuries is sometimes shocking but always enjoyable.

15 Jan 2023 12:39 AM

Book Review | Ambitious epic of a drifter has few surprises

The inner life of a 1940s-born dilettante records filial emotions with fidelity but doesn’t quite earn the scale on which it is portrayed

15 Jan 2023 12:37 AM

Cream biscuits put me in the zone, says Amish Tripathi

I sleep early & wake up early and I am at my most productive early in the mornings

09 Jan 2023 10:14 AM

Book Review | Desi Lesbian romance hopes to make a point

The romance novel about star-crossed lovers Krish and Mahi has not one, not two, but three happy endings

09 Jan 2023 10:12 AM

Book Review | Cosy memoir spells out why trust is the secret of spycraft

Rajiv Gandhi had been wrestling with a defiant President Zail Singh, the Bofors controversy, and the Arun Nehru and V.P. Singh resignations

09 Jan 2023 10:08 AM


Book Review | History weds royalty in ‘Roving Eyes’

The writer shepherds the readers through the intricate world of history woven with beautiful love stories

07 Jan 2023 5:47 PM

Shobhaa De's new memoir in the shops soon!

In 2013, she had published Shobhaa at Sixty, wherein she had gone out on a limb to declare sixty to be the new forty

07 Jan 2023 1:48 PM

2023 will see new JLF edition in Europe

The iconic festival opens its doors to visitors in Jaipur on Jan. 19

07 Jan 2023 10:05 AM

Book Review | In a league of their own

Book review of 'Unveiling Jazbaa: A History of Pakistan Women’s Cricket' by Aayush Puthran (Photo by arrangement)

01 Jan 2023 11:40 PM

What to Read in 2023

Here is a selection of titles to watch out for, anticipate, covet and acquire in the new year.

01 Jan 2023 1:37 AM