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Every minute counts!

Published : Jul 8, 2018, 3:05 am IST
Updated : Jul 8, 2018, 3:05 am IST

You don’t need to enrol at a fitness centre while travelling on work or a holiday. Instead, try these workouts whenever you find time.


Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a lifestyle more than a necessity. With busy work schedules and tightly-packed travel plans, may it be work or leisure, we often tend to push that daily workout to the back seat, only regretting later that a 30 minutes workout could have helped you stay on track. 

Trying to get a workout done while travelling doesn’t have to be in a swanky gym or only when staying at expensive hotels. It can be as simple as taking a walk around the block. The best time to get a workout done while on a holiday is early morning. You wake up fresh in a new city, and the air is calm and surroundings are peaceful. What better time to break into a little sweat? Once done, you have an entire day to yourself.

In CrossFit we follow a simple but highly effective formula, which is, keep your workouts constantly varied, do functional movements and do them at high intensity. Constantly varied is when we put in different elements and body parts to use when formulating a workout, these workouts should be functional where we necessarily move the big joints i.e., hips and shoulders at an intensity which elevates the heart rate. 

12-Minute Alternating EMOM
Minute 1 — Max Jump Rope
Minute 2 — Max Lunges

Same intervals as workout 1 (15 Minutes EMOM) but we have two movements now performed on alternate minutes. At the end, we get six rounds of each movement and some crazy burn in the legs. Want to amp up the workout? Try doing “double unders” which is a jump rope but when the rope passes your feet twice with every jump.


15 Minutes EMOM (Each minute on the minute)
10 Burpees

Perform 10 burpees every minute for 15 minutes. Set the timer at one minute intervals and every time a minute starts, do 10 burpees, once done take the remaining time as rest. Simple, effective and challenging. If you finish 150 burpees at the end of 15 minutes and are still standing tall, push it for another five minutes. Enjoy!


For Time:21-15-9
Burpees, Squats, Sit-ups

Perform 21 repetitions of burpees followed by 21 squats  and 21 sit-ups. Once done, repeat the same for 15 repetitions each and then nine repetitions each. The goal of the workout is to finish the workout as fast as possible with minimal or no breaks. Set a stop watch to see how fast you can complete it.


AMRAP 15 Minutes. (As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes)
5 Push-ups, 10 Tuck Jumps, 15 Squats

Perform the movements in a loop for 15 minutes. About 5-10-15 for as many rounds as possible. Your score is the number of rounds you complete.

5K Run/Walk
Nothing better than an active recovery day. The workout is not too intense and you get to do some local sightseeing while on the run!

There are a lot of apps which help you with a workout timer so you can time intervals. One of my favourites is Trifecta. Carrying a jump rope is the simplest equipment one can use, boxers jump rope for hours on end for a reason!

— The writer is a Bengaluru-based fitness expert.

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